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The Flu Vaccine?

I have a really hard time getting my kids vaccinated. Shots hurt(!), which is stressful to them AND me, and they also cause a day or two of feeling downright lousy. So, I’m definitely never keen on putting any of them through it. But I do because I want them to be protected (as much as possible) from deadly diseases. Polio, Diphtheria, Meningitis…these will likely never affect my children. I am EXTREMELY grateful to live in a place and time when we have to ability to vaccinate against such terrible things! Risks and side effects noted, I still choose to vaccinate.

The flu shot, however, is one I almost always skip. Mainly because I don’t know that it’s all that effective, but also because of the pain factor (mentioned above). Maggie and Joshua have each only had the flu once, and the same is true for Stephen and me. And Samuel’s never had it. But this year, after having a very hard cold/flu season last year with Samuel, and his recurrent episodes of croup, I’m feeling differently. I’m scared, if he does get it, that it could cause issues with his breathing. Same goes for Joshua, since he has a history of asthma. I’d never really researched it before this year, but now I know there is a greater chance of my boys having complications so I’m taking action. They’re both getting the flu shot on Wednesday.

I also think it would be wise for the kids to be protected from it so that they don’t accidently bring it home to baby Elizabeth! She is too young to be vaccinated for it, but her brothers can be. But what about Maggie? I had read that it’s only recommended for those 6months – five years, and those who are at risk for complications from the flu, but then saw the CDC’s current recommendation included widespread coverage of all individuals 6 months+, so as to reduce the spread of the illness, so I guess Maggie needs one, too.

Oh, I hate cold & flu season!

7 thoughts on “The Flu Vaccine?”

  1. I skip the flu vaccine for myself and have never had the actual “flu” – it’s always some “para-flu virus” and it’s about once every 10 years. The first 2 years of my daughter’s life, I had her get a flu shot. I will probably have her get one this year too since she is in preschool and exposed to a lot of new germs. It’s hard to know if they really *need* the shot and I worry about all the extra stuff they put in it. It’s a hard call for a cautious mom to make. Hope you have an easy flu & cold season.


    1. It’s great that you’ve never had the real thing, it is seriously one of the worst illnesses! The one time me, my husband, and Joshua had it was at the same time. UGH It was so horrid. I took him to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t something else and he tested positive for it. He ended up having secondary infections of pink eye and an ear infection several days later! It was awful. But now that they have breathing issues with viruses, the flu is actually dangerous for them (the boys). :(
      Yeah, with more exposure, your daughter very well benefit from the shot. ((hugs)) and thanks – I hope yours is easy, too!

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  2. I am still teetering on the fence as to whether or not to get one for Richi. 😧 Hes 8.5 minths, corrected age 6.5 minths, and his doctor recommended it as he is at the greatest risk for pneumonia and breathing complications due to the fact that he wwas a preemie. SO….I guess it’s a no brainer and that I should he it, I’m just scared about things I’ve read online regarding the flu shot. I won’t go into them here to deter you from getting it as that is not my intention – my 13 year old already got his and I need to schedule the others to get theira as well. I had a horrible cold a few weeks back that I thought for sure would kill me, and I had the flu test done thinking it had to be the flu. Nope. If it’s any wwors than that cold I had, I don’t want any part of it! So I will be getting a flu shot too.

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    1. Yeah, I know. Things about vaccines make me nervous, too. :( I have to take Elizabeth for two shots today @ her four month check up; I spaced them out and she only gets two at a time, and no Rotateq (for the rotavirus). And then while we’re there, the big kids get their flu shot. I’m already wishing it were tomorrow! :P
      The flu is a monster, for real. I WANTED to die, I was so, so sick. I had it about five years ago – the same time my husband and son did. It caused breathing issues with him (our son) and caused him secondary infections of pink eye and an ear infection!! Crazy O_O My husband and I had lingering illness for over two weeks.
      ((Hugs)) I know vaccines are a hard call!

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  3. I definitely am anti-flu shot. It just seems like people who get the shot end up having more problems than those who don’t. Everyone I know who got the shot ended up having the flu, yet those who didn’t (including me) never had a single issue. I’m just a big skeptical of it.. well.. of the medical field in general.. but yea. I’ve never had the shot and have never gotten the flu. I don’t really intend on having my baby get it either.

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