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The Wonder of Expressed Milk

Breastfeeding is amazing and no matter how many kids I have, I always marvel at how each new baby is able to exist (and thrive!) purely on what my body does and makes!

I see Elizabeth, our four month old little butterball and I feel a bizarre sense of pride because I created her and now I am sustaining her life. It’s silly, of course, because I didn’t actually do anything to create her (ok, technically I did one thing, lol) But God designed my body to do everything else on its own. I did nothing but eat, drink, and sleep while my body worked really hard and made a new person!

And then, without me telling it to, my body began making milk after she was born so she could live outside of me. How incredible! And so I have been feeding her for well over a hundred days now without all that much actual effort. Sure, I have to lift her, hold her, and care for her, but my body makes the perfect food for her simply by my letting her suckle several times a day. So, yeah, breastfeeding is pretty cool. But this post is actually about expressed breast milk.

Something is different about physically seeing the milk; it causes me to have a whole new appreciation for my body. I noticed it the other day when I warmed up a bottle for Maggie to give Elizabeth in the afternoon. She grabbed the bottle before Maggie could even get it to her mouth, and started vigorously sucking. She was drinking happily and it hit me – I made her AND her meal! Lol, I don’t know why it struck me as such a fascinating revelation, but it did. The female body is astounding!

11 thoughts on “The Wonder of Expressed Milk”

  1. The human body is amazing. I have used breastmilk for many things non-feeding related: red irritated baby skin, my daughter’s blocked tear duct, my own pink eye and I even squirted breastmilk in my dogs eye when she had a nasty scratch from the cat. It is a miracle cure-all!

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      1. My daughter had a wicked cold (maybe 15-18 months old) and woke up two mornings in a row with severely crusted eyes to the point she was unable to open them with out me putting a warm wet washcloth on them to get the crud off. Then I woke up with my eye lids glued shut, they were itchy and RED! Since I was already putting breastmilk in my baby’s eyes (her eyes cleared within 36 hours), I thought I would try it for myself. After all, it’s my own antibodies in that milk! ;-) So I hand expressed into a cup and used a medicine dropper to drip a few drops of milk in each eye. I did this 3-4 times a day and after about 3-4 days my eyes were itch free! No meds, no doctor’s visits.

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  2. I too am amazed by what our bodies can do… with God’s plan. :)
    I went from not producing enough milk for my new one, to having a well stocked fridge, and soon freezer. I have hesitated freezing any, in case my supply drops. Of course I am rotating my stock in the fridge, and it doesn’t stay longer than recommended before it’s used. I’d say I have more than 24 hours worth in the fridge, so I think it’s time to start freezing some. I have heard of the pink eye cure, and I used it for my middle child’s blocked tear duct too.

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    1. Yay!! It’s awesome that your supply has boomed and you’re able to now store so much milk! I currently have exactly one bottle in each (fridge and freezer), lol. I’m not much for pumping, although Elizabeth will happily take a bottle if offered one. I’ve really only pumped so that Maggie can give her a bottle if I were detained while taking my husband to work (Atlanta traffic is NO JOKE).
      Keep up the great work, mama!!

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  3. I agree. I can’t wait to breastfeed a little one again :) I think it’s so cool that our milk changes based on the antibodies a baby needs. Pretty amazing.

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