Our {Cloth and Disposable} Changing Station

I love our little changing area! It’s so cheery and light. All the tiny girl things make me happy, too, lol. I thought I’d share our setup because I always find inspiration seeing how other people live and have their things organized, so why not hope to inspire as well? ^_^


We have had this changing table since our oldest was born and she’s sixteen now! It has held up really well. We bought the trash can (pictured left) and the three-drawer organizer (right) at Walmart during my pregnancy with Elizabeth, though. The contoured changing pad was purchased on amazon and I made the photo/memo board.


I had trouble finding the kind of containers/baskets that I wanted to use on the shelves to organize all the little things. I actually bought and returned baskets from Michael’s during my third trimester, browsed Hobby Lobby with no success, and then finally found these white containers (pictured above) at Walmart and loved them. I think they lighten things up and also coordinate well with the white of the trash can and organizer.

I keep her outfits and bibs on hangers and extra diapers on a shelf in the closet, but the changing table holds everything else.

pantsHer pants and shorts fit in one container.


Onesies, side-snap shirts, and pajamas fit in another.

socksSocks, burp cloths, and her hat go in the third.


While receiving blankets and an extra changing pad cover go in the fourth.


We use both cloth and disposable diapers with Elizabeth. I have the disposables stacked on the changing table, while the cloth diapers and accessories are kept in the three-drawer organizer.


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The top drawer holds the cloth wipes. I made these using mint flannel and white jersey knit (from a sheet I bought secondhand!) I wasn’t sure, while pregnant, which side would work well at wiping, but I found out quickly that the jersey knit wipes excellently! No water required and they just get thrown in with the diapers to wash.


The middle drawer holds washcloths that are used as liners in the cloth diapers. I tri-fold them before putting them away so they are ready to grab and use when I’m “assembling” a cloth diaper for her.

cloth-diapers-in-drawerI keep about ten clean diapers in the bottom drawer and the rest are kept on a shelf in my closet. She doesn’t use more than ten a day so I just rotate stock as I’m doing the laundry.

wipesI have two diaper pins, disposable wipes (I use these when using disposable diapers), and medical-grade cloths on top of the three-drawer container.


On top of the changing table, I keep diaper rash ointment (A&D) and cream (Dr. Smith’s), cornstarch (for under her neck), lotion (for her legs, arms, and belly/back), and Aveeno eczema bath stuff.

headbandsAnd hanging above the three-drawer container is her collection of headbands. All are homemade except the grey and navy striped ones, which I bought at Hobby Lobby.

So, that’s how our changing station is set up at the moment! Have you shared yours on your blog? I’d love to see it. Feel free to share a link in the comments! ^_^

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