Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 11/9/16

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Happy post-election day! Wow, what an upset!! I was thinking this morning, “Oh no, soooo many people are going to hate that he’s president,” but then it occurred to me that JUST as many people would have hated it she’d won! Crazy numbers. Anyway, no politics here on this blog, lol!

Well, I have happy news to share! Elizabeth does NOT have hip dysplasia! I took her to the hospital on Monday for x-rays and they came back normal for hip placement. Yay! About six weeks ago, I shared a post on her extra fat roll (you can see pics here) and why we were concerned about a possible hip dislocation, but now we can breathe easy knowing that her hips are fine. ^_^

Recently, we signed up for Graze, a healthy snacks subscription box, and our first one came in the mail yesterday. I can’t wait to share a review of it soon! If you want to try a four sample box for FREE, click my reward code link and you and I both benefit! I get a $1 credit toward my next box, which are reasonably priced anyway. :D

So, I am totally surprised by my body’s response to birth and breastfeeding this time! I was a size twelve before getting pregnant last fall and as of last week, I was/am a size eight! I am down from 145lbs (pre-pregnancy) to 132lbs (4 months postpartum). This did NOT happen after Samuel O_O and so I thought it was my age and metabolism that prevented weight loss with him, but apparently not! I’m going to be writing another post about baby weight, and specifically about pre-pregnancy BMI soon, so stay tuned!

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