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Homemade Nursing Necklace

Not long after having weaned Samuel, I heard of nursing/breastfeeding necklaces, and of course I wanted one! But it was too late to use one, obviously so I planned on buying one if/when we had another baby. I read that wearing a chunky necklace while feeding a baby – whether by breast or bottle – is beneficial to both mom and baby. It gives the child a focal point, something to hold and fidget with, and leaves the mom’s hair alone.

While pregnant with Elizabeth, I browsed Etsy but ultimately I decided I would try to make one myself. And last weekend I finally got around to doing it!


Elizabeth is four months old (19 weeks) now and it’s actually the perfect time for me to have made one because she is grabbing everything these days! Reaching, grasping, putting in her mouth, oh my! She is also teething so the necklace serves as a teether when I’m holding her as well. ^_^

The necklaces were actually really easy to make, and cost very little. I’ve made two now, with the second one measuring a little bit longer than first simply because the fabric was longer on the bolt.

You can have any length you want, but if you’d like to keep it tied and be able to slip it over your head, you want a length of at least 20+ inches (40+ inches before folding). The width should be about 3 inches, or possibly more if your wooden balls are larger than the ones I chose.

patriotic-necklaceAll you’re going to do is fold the fabric into itself, with good sides facing in, cut the ends into a curved shape, and pin it from end to end. Leaving a gap of a few inches (to insert the balls into) somewhere far enough from the ends so as not to interfere with the curves, sew the sides closed.

sewing-necklace Turn the fabric right side out (this takes a while).

wooden-ballsFigure out how many wooden balls you want in the necklace; I chose three for the first necklace and five for the second (because, as I said, it’s longer). Then decide where you want them to be located, and just start inserting them, one by one. You will be knotting the necklace around each ball to keep it firmly in place, so you will only insert one ball at a time and then tie a knot. Repeat!

Once you have everything in place, you will need to hand sew the opening closed. If you don’t yet know how to sew an invisible stitch (the slip stitch), check out this video because she makes it very easy to learn different hand sewing stitches.


Tie the necklace, place it over your head, and that’s it!


I’m a little bit addicted now and already thinking about making Christmas nursing necklaces with festive material!


Do you and your baby like nursing/teething necklaces? ^_^

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