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Graze {Subscription Box} ~ Nov 8th

valerie-graze-boxThere are so many types of subscriptions out there, from beauty products to books, but none of them have appealed to me, until I found Graze. Graze is a healthy snacks subscription box, and we definitely love to snack here! It’s also affordable, considering the level of quality you get. Nuts, fruits, chocolate…and the list goes on. ^_^


What we don’t like is hydrogenated oils, genetically modified foods, high fructose corn syrup, and other yucky ingredients that a lot of snacks have in them. No, these graze snacks (100+ to choose from) are free of all the junk, making them delicious and healthy.


How to Choose Snacks

I was so excited to see the list of snack options with the knowledge that I needn’t worry about the ingredients. I feel like this when shopping at Trader Joe’s, too, and I love it! Before signing up for a 4 snack sampler box (which I only paid $1 for, so they could process my Visa), I rated the snacks as one of four things based on what I thought we’d like to eat. I clicked, “trash,” “try,” “like,” or “love.” If I chose “trash,” it meant I would definitely NOT receive that snack in the mail. I really appreciated this because there were certain things that I just knew I didn’t want to get, like popcorns, soups, etc. If, on the other hand, I clicked “love” on a snack, it meant that I really wanted to see it in an upcoming box.


tastingWhen our first box arrived (on election day, of all days), we opened it to find these four snacks:

  • herby bread basket
  • lemon drizzle flapjack
  • honeycomb crunch
  • cacao orange fruit pieces with dates and raw almonds

I was really pleased when I found on the back of our welcome postcard, a nutritional facts list for all four of the snacks in our box.



When Stephen got home from work, we all tried the treats. I would share how we liked them, but we all felt differently! He liked this one, she loved that one…let’s just say there were no “duds.” We were all (except Samuel, who doesn’t eat nuts and hardly any fruits!) very impressed and we’re definitely looking forward to getting our next box. I’m subscribed to receive one each month for now, but it is very customizable so I can quickly and easily change our preferences to more or less often, if I want to. I’m thinking it would be fun to get a box in the mail every two weeks, but I’m not sure if I could justify the cost bi-weekly, lol. :P



One thing I initially worried about when signing up for my $1 box was whether or not I’d be stuck with a recurring charge. I didn’t agree to ANYTHING until I looked into how I could cancel the whole thing. I found an article on their website, which gave me exactly the information I needed and told me the steps to take to stop everything, in the event that we didn’t want to continue. And as soon I signed up, I went to my account and looked at canceling – just so I could “test” what they’d said. It worked! Right after signing up to receive the sampler box, it’s possible to cancel any upcoming order. I am SUPER impressed at how user-friendly the account section is!

Wanna Try It?

Graze offers first time subscribers a chance to try a sampler box for free by using a friend’s reward code link. My rewardcode link will take you to Graze’s site where you can sign up and customize your preferences. You also get your fifth box for free by using my link, and I get $1 off my next box.

If you like snacking on healthy treats, you will want to look into this! By the way, Graze is a UK based company but it is also available in the US, (thank goodness!) ^_^

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