Thoughts & Happenings 11/16/16

living lighter thoughts

Well, it’s happened. Ten days shy of five months since Elizabeth’s birth and my cycle is back. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, but just like with all the other kids, somewhere between four and six months, it arrives! I have to say, I’m relieved. I like the predictability of having it. Weird, maybe, that’s the way of it. :P I’m also glad to be able to explain how emotional I’ve been for the last week, why my breasts have been so uncomfortable, and why I started eating chocolate (cliché, I know, but it’s true!) when I normally don’t touch it.

This will be my first period without tampons. Last fall, before finding out that I was pregnant, I decided I didn’t want to use them anymore. I was tired of the monthly cost and I also wanted to reduce the amount of waste I am responsible for producing. So, I had decided to give up tampons. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have a cycle for fourteen months! I have been using cloth menstrual pads for a few years now but never “full time,” lol. So this will be a new experience.


I drove Stephen to work again this morning. I’ve been taking him twice a week most weeks. We’ve sort of decided just to wait on buying him another vehicle. Why add back in the cost of insurance, gasoline, tag/title/registration, plus the initial cost of the car/truck (obviously) when we are doing fine as a one-car family? It doesn’t bother me to have to share. I actually like it because I’m getting more done at home!

I documented yesterday for November’s Day in the Life post but I’ve yet to upload all the pics, so I’ll try to get that done this afternoon. ^_^ If not today, then definitely tomorrow.

Today I’m planning to go to the library, Publix, and possibly a thrift store. Have a great Wednesday!

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