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Day in the Life (November 2016)


November 15, 2016

Elizabeth and I went to bed together last night at about 9:45. She woke to nurse at 2am, 4am, and 6:30am. Yikes! I decided to lie in instead of getting up after that last feed. I was only mildly surprised at how late it was when I heard the Jurassic Park ringtone at 8:15; I answered the phone and talked to Stephen for just a minute. He apologized for waking me and I assured him it was fine and I needed to get up anyway. I closed my eyes again and then I heard Call the Midwife playing on my phone. Fifteen minutes had passed and our landlord (we rent this house) was texting me to let me know that pest control was scheduled to come over on Thursday to do routine external treatments. I gazed at Elizabeth lying next to me and then did a back/abs exercise before finally getting up for the day. I felt a lot better than I normally do when getting up. I was glad that I slept in.

I walked into the living room to find that Maggie was up and watching I Love Lucy. I said good morning to her and got myself a cup of only-slightly-warm coffee. I sat down with my planner and wrote out my goals for the day. Put out Thanksgiving decorations, make cranberry bread, read a chapter or two of “The Lost Husband,” finish at least one crocheted leg warmer, and make fiesta taco casserole for dinner.

Samuel got up in a good mood just before nine, and his baby sister woke within a few minutes of that in an equally smiley state. Maggie hung out with them in the living room while I started a load of white laundry. I tidied up the house just a little bit and then changed Elizabeth’s diaper; I ended up needing to change her clothes as well because for the first time in forever, she soaked through her diaper.


I fed her on the right side and then gave her to Joshua to hold while I helped Samuel make a new track with our wooden train set. Meanwhile, Maggie took a shower.

trainBy 10:00, I was ready to have breakfast and so was Samuel. While we ate, Elizabeth happily played on a blanket on the floor nearby. Joshua took a shower and Maggie worked on some organizational stuff in her room. On the floor, Elizabeth rolled this way and that, grabbing toys I’d put in her path and bringing them to her mouth. Then she needed another diaper change. She was seeming tired already at 10:30, so I put her in her crib and gave her the pacifier; she fell asleep within just a minute or two without any fussing. When I came back in to check on her a little while later, she was tangled in her blanket.

napI got Samuel a snack and turned on a movie for him to watch and then went to Maggie’s room to do Algebra II with her. It was a review day and I was happy to find that she only needed a little bit of help, she remembered almost everything from last week – progress!


When we were finished at 11:15, I went and brushed my teeth and got in the shower. When I was done, I had just enough time to get dressed and clean up my bedroom a little before Elizabeth woke up. I started a load of colored clothes while holding her and the boys did their chores. They asked if they could go outside but the smog alert in Atlanta was high so they had to stay inside and play. They rolled around in their beds and just acted like boys, lol.

Stephen called and I talked to him while Elizabeth spent a little bit of time in the Johnny-jump-up. Shortly after noon, Maggie and Joshua were ready for lunch and so was baby girl. She nursed on one side and then filled her diaper; I changed her and then offered the other side, which she accepted happily, but she didn’t nurse for the same amount of time as the first.


I then fixed my lunch and Samuel’s while Elizabeth sat in her bouncer contentedly nearby and Maggie and Joshua fooled around in the kitchen, laughing and getting bubbles from the sink on each other.


At one o’clock, we saw the mail truck drive up and Maggie went out to get it – our next Graze box came! It totally feels like Christmas when it arrives because we don’t know which snacks will be in our box. We waited until Stephen got home before opening any of the packages but we looked at them longingly for awhile anyway. ;)


By 1:30, Elizabeth was ready for more sleep so I put her in bed and she went right to sleep. I sat down with Samuel to start his school at 1:45. He did two pages in each of his three workbooks and then got his  new, big workbook out and did a few pages in it as well. Two new concepts he worked on were telling time and adding numbers; he liked telling everyone that he “did math” today. He really enjoys putting a sticker on each page when he finishes, it’s so cute. After the workbooks, we practiced the Hooked on Phonics letter sound cards and I was happy to find that he remembered about three-quarters of them! Lastly, we went to the couch and I asked him to pick two books he wanted me to read. He chose Franklin and the Thunderstorm and The Giving Tree.


At 2:30, he went to watch t.v. and play while I did geography with Maggie and Joshua. Elizabeth woke up about fifteen minutes in so I ended up holding her in my lap while we read. Maggie went to do another subject in her room while Joshua and I did science. Elizabeth was content for the most part. We were finished by 3:15 so Joshua called his friend (who is also homeschooled) to come over and play the computer with him. While they were playing, Samuel and I made cranberry bread.


A friend of mine called just before 4:00; I folded laundry in my room while Elizabeth happily played in her crib. The boys finished playing on the computer and decided a Nerf war would be a good idea. I had to take Elizabeth and my phone call out onto the front porch so I could hear, lol. When I realized it was 5:00, I got off the phone, came inside to survey the Nerf damage (which was significant!), and instructed them to clean up before his friend had to go home.

Elizabeth was ready for another short nap so I put her in her bed and Maggie and Joshua sat down to read the Bible together. She got up before we were even able to finish, ready to nurse. So, I fed her and then turned on a Baby Einstein dvd for her to watch.


A few weeks ago, Maggie finally realized the importance of knowing how to cook after watching a good number of Everybody Loves Raymond with me and hearing all the jokes about his wife’s horrible cooking. :P So, she now wants to learn to cook. We were having a casserole for dinner so I taught her how to make it. She did a great job!

Stephen got home just as dinner was ready, so we ate with him and then tried the graze snacks. We weren’t as impressed with the selection this time; most of them just weren’t for us, but two were amazing. I loved the Summer Berry Flapjack and Maggie loved the Honey Glazed Cashews!

Samuel got on the computer to play games at 7:15 while Maggie took care of Elizabeth and I folded laundry with Joshua. At 8:00, I gave Elizabeth a bath and then attempted to do Just Dance with Maggie while Stephen held Elizabeth. She was NOT happy – she wanted to nurse and go to bed. She was asleep by 8:45. Samuel got in bed at 9:30 and I sat down to crochet and watch Everybody Loves Raymond with Maggie. I went to bed just before 10:30.


I didn’t complete everything on my to-do list but it was a productive day anyway. I feel good about how it went. ^_^

Thanks for following along! 

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3 thoughts on “Day in the Life (November 2016)”

    1. Thanks ^_^ I have SO many tasks and if I write them all down, it makes me feel overwhelmed. :/ Also, having goals is much more enjoyable!
      Oh, the exercise I do in bed is so easy and it works! While lying on your back, you just tighten your abs and press the small of your lower back into the mattress…hold it for 15-20 seconds and then relax. Repeat two or three times. It has really helped my abdominal muscles recover from the C-section and my lower back is stronger, too. ^_^


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