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Seeing the {Baby-Making} Finish Line

twenty-two weeks with baby #4

I have been having baby fever since just a few months into my dating relationship with my husband. I was eighteen at the time. Before that, I had envisioned myself either being in the Army or being a flight attendant for Delta (I kid you not!) but then I got married and started a family. So yeah, I’ve been wanting babies for a long time. Eighteen years now, off and on. But mostly on, lol. If I could have had ten kids, I probably would have. I LOVE being pregnant and having little ones.

My husband and I have always planned on having five children. He grew up with four siblings and I had three, so five is what we were/are both comfortable with. That being said, I never thought I’d feel “done.” I thought I would be sad and resentful that I couldn’t have any more after five. But I am honestly starting to really want to be done, which makes feel me so relieved. I’ve been happily thinking about getting to enjoy (or just get through, if kidney stones show up again!) ONE more pregnancy and birth (repeat c-section or VBAC?! probably c-section) and then being DONE! I never ever EVER thought I’d look forward to being done making and having babies. But I am.

I now know I’m going to be fine once baby number five comes along because I’ve already been researching having a tubal ligation (getting my tubes tied) during/after his or her birth. If that isn’t “ready to be done,” I don’t know what is!

It isn’t because I’m unhappy with my kids or anything like that, or because these early baby months are challenging – I’ve done all this before. No, it’s something else….I just feel like I’m approaching the baby making finish line. And it feels amazing because I thought I’d never be happy once having and raising babies was over. But I now know I will be!

Where’s your baby-making finish line?

Are you far from it, getting close, or have you passed it already?

10 thoughts on “Seeing the {Baby-Making} Finish Line”

  1. Congratulations on #5 and your beautiful family. I never expereinced baby fever until my 30’s. Then it was like my body took over. I was a completely rational woman but my body just vibrated “babies. babies. babies”. My hormones were in full control (making my husband a very happy man, LOL!). I am not sure how to really explain it, but it was a full body feeling. I am hoping to have a second baby, so I am not feeling done quite yet. :-)

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    1. The body – with all its hormones – really does take over, doesn’t it?! I haven’t enjoyed the strong drive to have babies because it has made me feel quite unbalanced at times. But I am so thankful for my children and look forward to number 5 and watching them all grow up. Good luck with baby #2!

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  2. I always thought I’d have 3 or 4 kids, but the older #2 got, the more “done” we felt. I had a tubal ligation when she was about 8 and have never regretted it. I think deep down you know when you’re done, and yes, you’ll be just fine! I enjoy my teens every bit as much as I enjoyed having little ones!

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  3. I had that moment after I had a boy and a girl . I knew that was enough for us. I had skipped a lot of growing up years to be a Mom so now it was time for me to chill a little and well, grow up! Lol

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    1. That’s great! Yeah, I’m really looking forward to relaxing and being done thinking about/wanting another baby. It will be SO nice to just be able to watch them all grow without envisioning another in the future.


  4. I ended up having 3 c sections in 3 years. (Vbac didn’t work out ) It was enough for me, maybe if the kids had been spaced out better. I had my tubal during last section. From 18-21 months it made me really sad , but now I’m ok.

    I’ve honestly never been in over my head more than I have with 3 kids. It’s nice to be able to focus on weight loss and not get side tracked by pregnancies.

    There are 8 kids in J’s family and 4 in mine .We kind of knew we didn’t want to go that route for us . We admire those who do , though !

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    1. Wow!! That’s a lot of pregnancies, C-sections, and babies in a very short amount of time!! Yeah, time to spend on myself these days is very limited. :| I’ll be very happy to stop thinking about pregnancy!


    1. Oh! I’m not expecting yet (my fourth just turned five months old!) but I just meant that I can already see the finish line because there’s only one more to be had. ^_^


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