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Baby’s First Cold

sleepingElizabeth is five months old today and this week she has been having her first cold. Thankfully, her immune system is strong and she seems to be fighting it off without much ado. But my poor little one! She has no idea why she felt/feels bad. She had a low-grade fever and tiredness for about a day and a half, as well as a (clear) runny/stuffy nose and sneezing that continues. I really didn’t know what to expect with a baby so young catching a cold that gave her older brother croup, but she had done fantastic. The only issue really to speak of has been the effect it has had on her sleep. She had (and continues to have) some difficulty falling asleep on her own, when previously she was very comfortable and happy at nap time and bedtime. But anyway, I’m sure we’ll get things sorted soon. I’m just glad she’s better! The fever made her feel the worst.

There are some products and behaviors that I found to be helpful in caring for her while she wasn’t feeling well.

Baby rectal thermometervicks

I took her temperature about five times over the course of twenty-four hours. I wanted to accurately monitor what was going on because the younger a baby is when they’re sick, the more important temperature is. It can be the difference between staying home and going to the doctor (or hospital). And so, an accurate reading is very important, which is why I have a rectal thermometer. She doesn’t complain or even act like anything is going on when I’m using it with her. Her temperature never went higher than 100.4°F.

Infant Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Even though her temperature never warranted giving a fever reducer, I did end up giving her one 1.25 ml dose of Tylenol because one evening she had finally gone to sleep after a few hours of thrashing about only to wake up about thirty minutes later upset and unable to resettle. And I really do think the medicine helped because she slept fine once it was in her system, aside from the times she woke to nurse, that is. Which leads us to…


They say to nurse as often as the baby will accept it so that you eliminate the risk of dehydration, and she certainly has no issue with that recommendation! She has been nursing around the clock, about every two hours, sometimes even more often! I’m definitely glad that nursing is soothing to her, and she stays well hydrated, but wow it is a physical strain on me!

Cool mist humidifier

We have humidifiers running in all the bedrooms during the cool/cold months anyway, but I’m guessing it is an extra positive thing for her while sick. Dry air from the heat running wouldn’t have felt very good on her throat.

little-nosesLittle Remedies (saline spray/drops)

Her nose has been sort of stuffy and runny so I’ve been using baby saline drops. The only differences between these and normal saline spray are the addition of glycerin, which helps add an element of moisture, and the lack of alcohol. I highly recommend these.

And I guess that’s it. It made me quite nervous for her to come down with a cold at such a young age, but she has handled it really well and we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. I hope you did, too!


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Cold”

  1. My boys were older than Elizabeth when they had colds that were the worst I’ve ever seen. The doctor told me to give them each a hot toddy (1/4 tsp. whiskey, 1/4 tsp. lemon juice, and 1/2 tsp. honey). It worked like a charm but with my grandchildren I stick with the non-alcoholic remedies.
    Give Elizabeth a kiss from the other Elizabeth and tell her I hope she feels better soon!

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