Jackie Loves Sewing ♥ Reusable Market Bags


I love reusable shopping bags; they are much more attractive than plastic, sturdier and of course better for the environment. I had only a few of them, though, so I was excited when I saw my friend, Jackie, had an affordable listing for three bags on her Etsy shop. ^_^

The designs caught my eye, too, because they are floral and feminine – both of which I enjoy in a fabric. When they arrived in the mail, I was happy with the stitching and craftsmanship; they’re very well made.


I have been using them for a variety of purposes; I take them to Trader Joe’s about once a month to use as grocery bags, they hold miscellaneous baby things when we’re out and about, they have been used at the library to hold books, and sometimes I use one to fill with snacks for me and the three big kids.

If you are in the market for bags, check out Jackie’s shop for affordable, well-made ones! She has different sizes and designs, from totes and drawstring bags to zipper pouches. ♥


Have you switched to reusable bags yet?

3 thoughts on “Jackie Loves Sewing ♥ Reusable Market Bags

  1. Wow, I feel famous now! Someone may want my autograph Lol. Thank you so much for your review of my shop Valerie. I use fabric bags for my grocery shopping at Aldi every month. I have pretty much eliminated any plastic bags from our house!
    P.s. I use cloth napkins, too😊

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  2. I love your sewing projects! i love sewing as well, but haven’t made as many things as you do. Love the idea of shopping bags, bibs, and clean-up cloths for spills. Very economical and cute as well. I’m not into cloth diapers or menstrual pads, but I applaud you very loudly for that! Well done!

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