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Homemade Waterproof Bibs

When my five year old was a baby, he had a rash on his neck and chest which I mistook for a food sensitivity/allergy. Since he was exclusively breastfeeding at the time, I decided to try to figure out what I was eating that bothered him. After removing different things over the course of a few weeks, and having no luck at all, I finally figured out that it wasn’t something in his (my) diet, but was something in his DROOL. You’d think by baby number three that I would have known what was going on but I’d never had a child get a rash the way he had just from teething! All kids are different, of that you can be sure!

Anyway, we’d been using little cloth bibs on him but they soaked through relatively quickly and the rash area remained damp much of the time. But once I bought some waterproof bibs, we were good to go. The rash was gone completely in a matter of a couple days.

Fast forward to my pregnancy with his little sister and I knew I wanted to prevent teething/drooling rash with her. I didn’t, however, want to go out and buy more waterproof bibs from Target when I knew I could learn how to make them myself!

The Pattern

A fairly quick search online provided me with a cute (and free) bib pattern from a lovely blog called Nana Company. As she said in her post, it’s a great beginner sewing project and I had no trouble at all. Once you print the two pages, you cut them out and tape them together to form your pattern, then follow the instructions, which are right on the bib!

To make mine waterproof, I simply added a layer of PUL inside. I use flannel for the front and back layers.

The First Bibs

I chose a paisley design that I ADORE – oh my goodness, it’s so pretty – and then chose a delicate, pastel pink as the accent color. Once I sewed the bibs together with wrong sides facing out, I learned (from somewhere else on the web – probably youtube) that I needed to snip little triangles all around the curves so that it will lie flat when turned right side out again. And it worked! I had lovely bibs.

Of course, I had no way to fasten them yet…

My husband graciously used a set of pliers and snaps that he had leftover from a jacket he’d repaired and attached closures for me. I love how they turned out!


The Little White Bibs

The only issue I’ve had with the lovely little bibs above is that they’re not so little, lol. A baby begins teething in the first few months of their life (or at least Elizabeth did!) so I needed smaller bibs for her to wear until she grew into the pretty ones.

I had white flannel and more PUL lying about so I took the original pattern (because the neck hole is just right) and just made a smaller shape to go down onto the chest. Perfect! Then, instead of snaps, I hand-sewed snaps on them. They definitely get the job done!


6 thoughts on “Homemade Waterproof Bibs”

  1. These are really cute Valerie. Looks like you did a great job. I like the fabric you chose, too
    But look at Elizabeth, she has grown so much! Her hair is growing, too. My little great granddaughter is so bald. Bless her heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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