*Alphabetical* Year in Review! 2016

A: algebra II, with Maggie

B: breastfeeding, all day every day, lol

C: c-section, totally unexpected and the craziest recovery ever O_O

D: dream journal, I’ve been keeping one

E: Elizabeth, born on June 26th, her due date! ^_^

F: food, I’ve been trying lots of new recipes this year

G: glasses, Stephen failed his vision test and got new glasses, ha

H: hearts lane, I made a new friend, whom I treasure (hi, Jackie!)

I: incision, a scar I will have forever

J: jar, we’ve been saving coins in a large jar since 01/01/16 – can’t wait to see how much we saved in a year

K: kindergarten, Samuel started officially homeschooling in August

L: living lighter in atlanta, I started this blog in late May!

M: minecraft, Joshua’s world, lol

N: night anxiety, bad but got so much better

O: one-car family, when the Camry died, we started sharing the van

P: pregnant, I spent over half of 2016 in this state

Q: question, Samuel asked me countless times why I had to have surgery :P

R: reading, I read several books, mostly chick lit

S: sewing, I learned how to sew cloth diapers, napkins, bibs, burp cloths, and a few other things

T: those writing prompts, I started a blog for creative writing

U: underwear, I had to buy granny panties (for the first time!) after my abdominal surgery, haha

V: vaccinations, from the flu to polio, all four kids got shots this year :(

W: weight, a gain of 21lbs during pregnancy and then a loss of 36lbs afterward

X: x-ray, Elizabeth had her hips x-rayed to look for hip dysplasia

Y: yelling, our baby girl literally yells happily to vocalize, lol

Z: zoo, lots of trips to Zoo Atlanta and even to the one in Birmingham

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