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Thoughts & Happenings 12/12/16

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I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday morning while Stephen stayed home with the kids. Elizabeth won’t seem to nap lately when she’s being kept by Daddy and big sister Maggie. She always takes a morning nap for me but not yesterday while I was out, and she skipped her nap the other day when I went grocery shopping in the late afternoon while Stephen was home, too! Not cool, baby girl. :P

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a thrift shop. I was on a mission to find pants for Elizabeth. All of a sudden, in the last week or two, she has jumped sizes and no longer fits in any of the 9-12 months pants we have! She can still basically fit into the 12 month onesies, but even they are getting tight in the crotch and pulling the neckline down. So now, at 5½ months old, she’s wearing 18 months baby clothes. O_O And considering how fast she’s growing, I didn’t want to pay full price, so I was hoping to get some secondhand. And I did! I found eight pairs of pants for her, ranging from $1-3 each. ^_^


I also found an adorable and silly shirt that I intend on having her wear on Christmas Eve to bed so we can get some pics the next morning with her and her siblings by the tree and presents. I believe it was $2.


Oh! So, she has tried rice cereal with expressed breast milk three times now and is only somewhat impressed. She likes the spoon coming toward her mouth and she opens for it but she doesn’t know quite what to make of the substance that ends up in there, lol. She tried sweet potato on Saturday night and liked it! I had been holding her in my lap as I ate and she was watching the spoon with great interest so I offered her a tiny bit and she really seemed to enjoy it. Until she shivered from it like it was cough syrup, that is! Ha

Well that’s it, I guess! I’m off to get ready for the day. Just thirteen days ’til Christmas!

Do you thrift/charity shop? What have you scored lately?

12 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 12/12/16”

  1. Sounds like you are ready for Christmas! Not me😕. I am still trying to get everything ready. I made some of the gifts so it takes longer. Elizabeth sure is growing up, cute pants. Thumbs up for shopping at the thrift store 👍🏽!

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  2. We love going to thrift stores. With growing kids it absolutely makes sense to buy used. I find so many things in like new condition, and even some with tags still on them. Last week I found 2 pairs of pants for myself, a pair of shoes for myself, a swimshirt for the 2 year old and some books for the 11 year old. ;) We have one shop that we frequent, where the workers practically give us the items for free.
    One thing I have purchased too often is yarn, I have a huge stash, and not nearly enough time to use it all.

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    1. Yay, a fellow thrifty mom! It feels so good to save money on things for the kids when you know that used/new doesn’t make any difference. I love buying books secondhand! Oh, yarn!! What a great way to save $$ Yarn is so expensive. :-(

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  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just starting to poke around yours. Yes, we have almost all second hand clothing for our girls. For our first, a friend of ours lent us literally bins of clothes from her daughter and two nieces. They were a godsend! Now we’re lent things from another friend and also buy clothes at mother’s markets. I do succomb to the occasional Carter’s sale, but on the whole I find baby clothes extremely expensive for how much they’re worn. We’ve also started to let our girls wear their clothes twice if they’re clean (eg PJs) … since we do as well. Helps with laundry time, too.

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    1. Wow, you’ve saved a ton of money by buying and receiving (how awesome that they shared!) secondhand clothes!! I love knowing I paid $2 for a shirt/pants/outfit that was originally something stupid like $18. Lol, so satisfying! ^_^


  4. And I thought Jack was big because he’s about to go into 9 – 12 at six months! We are very lucky with clothes. Jack has twin cousins who are 8 months older than him so we get all their hand me downs. He is also the only grandchild so his grandmother goes nuts buying him stuff. I think I have honestly bought two packets of vests and about 3 babygrows so far!

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    1. It’s crazy! I keep urging her to stay little but she won’t listen!! She was my biggest at birth and has continued the trend as she’s gotten older. It’s funny how younger siblings sometimes end up bigger/taller than everybody else, lol. My youngest sister is taller than me and our other two sisters. ^_^
      Wow, you’re lucky to have been given so many clothes!!


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