Evaluating the Bathroom

Today I’ll be evaluating how economical and eco-friendly I am in the bathroom. I would love any and all input from you on how you save money and/or make green(er) choices for your bathroom. Let me know in the comments!

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The first and most obvious thing every bathroom must have is toilet paper, or an alternative to it. While I have occasionally contemplated making and using cloth for potty usage, I just can’t bring myself to make the switch. TMI, but I feel like I could definitely use it for urine…but poop? Not so much. No, I just can’t. At least not at this point. Yes, I cloth diaper but baby poop is way less offensive to me, lol. So, the toilet paper I buy is the Great Value (WalMart) version of Scott’s (500 sheets). I buy the 12 pack usually which makes each roll less than 50¢ each. I love the feel of super soft toilet paper like Charmin, but it’s just too expensive.

We don’t buy deodorant and haven’t for about seven years. Instead, we dust baking soda on our armpits and it eliminates the odor completely. We still perspire, but we’re supposed to! ;)

Tissues are an item I feel guilty for buying and using but the alternative is handkerchiefs and the thought of it grosses me out (I know, what a baby!) so we buy whichever brand of tissues are cheapest.


There are two of us with periods here. My sixteen year old daughter, Maggie, and myself. I’ve talked about it a few times, how we use cloth menstrual pads. This saves a lot of money and prevents a lot of waste. Maggie isn’t ready to make the switch to full time cloth so she uses disposable for the heavy days and I’m not ready to give up tampons entirely so I use them on the couple of heavy nights. Otherwise, we’re in cloth. I make our own pantyliners while Etsy is our source of pads.

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We use Kirk’s natural bar soap for washing our hands as well as in the shower. It’s not the cheapest soap (not by far!) but the ingredients are simple and I love the scent.


I’ve tried making natural shampoo alternatives but have been unimpressed with the results. Maybe I’ve just not found the right one yet. So I buy Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. It’s fairly expensive, but the smell doesn’t give me a headache which I cannot say about the cheaper varieties. :/

The makeup Maggie and I use is all drugstore stuff. Covergirl, Maybeline, etc. I don’t know much about makeup (what’s in it, better options…) so I can’t really comment on whether I’m happy with our choice here or not.

We use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. The adult kind is nearly $4 a tube and the kid kind is nearly $3. Blah, I’m not a fan of the prices considering there are five of us brushing our teeth every day.

I use coupons as much as I can when it comes to buying razors. Stephen has found that Equate (WalMart) men’s razors for sensitive skin work for him while Maggie and I use Venus disposables. I shave my legs about every four days and Maggie is about once a week. We all just use soap, no special shave gel.

Cleaners are an area that I could use some definite improvement in. All of my choices are your basic, mainstream harsh chemicals. But I have tried a few natural alternatives and they just don’t work the way the unnatural ones do.


So, it looks like I need help making my own (or buying a cheaper and healthier) shampoo/conditioner and finding bathroom cleaners that are natural and work.

How do you save money in your bathroom?

And what are your best “green” bathroom habits?

17 thoughts on “Evaluating the Bathroom

  1. I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve been doing a lot of research on the personal cloth instead of TP, and from what I read, those who use it swear by it. I would try it for myself, but I don’t have any delusions about converting my husband and daughter.

    I bought a menstrual cup a few months ago, but I’m so paranoid about using it that it’s still sitting in it’s little pouch :/

    Most of our makeup and personal hygiene products are Arbonne. They’re more expensive up front, but you use so much less of it that it last 4-5 times as long as store-bought stuff, and all of the ingredients are proven safe. (no nasties). I haven’t renewed my consultant ID however because I just don’t have the time or energy for it, so I’ll be buying from a friend now at a lesser discount, but some of the products I just can’t do without!

    My daughter and I use the razors with those soap blades – I can’t for the life of me think of the name right now. My husband uses an electric razor.

    I use mostly Green Works for cleaners, but also make my own with vinegar and orange peel.

    I, as you, have a long way to go to be completely green in the bathroom – but hey, we’re all a work in progress aren’t we? :)

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    1. I was looking into getting a cup but decided against it after talking with my OB about how one would do with a slightly prolapsed bladder, which I have. :/ I read a lot of wonderful reviews on amazon about cups, though! I think the learning curve it’s just really steep, but afterward totally worth it. ^_^
      I’ve never heard of Arbonne, will. Have to look into it!
      It sounds like you are doing a great job!!

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  2. Lots to think about . I decided a while back that I would be frugal in the bathroom but I don’t adhere to any eco friendly guidelines in this room. I am more concerned about cleanliness than saving the trees. I want my bathroom to smell good, be clean and sanitary if possible. As for ladies products, I would stick with disposable. Same way with TP. For me, something’s are best left alone.

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    1. Clean and sanitary is always a good thing! ;) Oh, cloth pads are so comfortable and easy to clean, I could never go back, but I understand why it might not be for everyone.


  3. It’s hard to be frugal in the bathroom. I too feel like tissues are expensive, but I can’t do hankies! Gross!! We don’t do green things, although honestly I wish we did. I just choose not to afford it at the moment.

    Mostly we bulk buy things and look for sales and coupons (occasionally), such as bar soap (Dove) and toilet paper. I buy Target brand and use their coupons and Cartwheel app. Mostly I just try not to use a lot of product, whatever I’m using, and get every last drop out of the toothpaste tube!!

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    1. “I just choose not to afford it at the moment.” – LOL, I like this. Reality, right? :P
      Hey, you being mindful of not wasting by using just what is needed of a product is a great way to be green and save money!


  4. Have you tried couponing? You could mop up with toilet paper, Tom’s products, paper towels and a gang of other items almost free ! Extreme Couponing is fun. I bought so much Tide pods and Tide free n clear, it will be 2 yrs before I use it all lol. I have given so much to my siblings. I also bought 20 cases of diapers dirt cheap too. Get 4 Sunday papers with the inserts or find a local coupon fairy and also join coupons.com

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    1. I have done couponing in the past and it sure does get you lots of products for dirt cheap! I just can’t do it right now. My husband and I share a car so I can’t run to the stores as sales are going on ( I used to clean up at Rite Aid, Kroger, and Publix by stacking store coupons with manufacturer coupons and matching them with sales!!) but with everything else I have going on with the baby, homeschooling and sharing a car….extreme couponing will just have to wait. I do LOVE it, though!!


  5. I”m so grateful I don’t have to worry about pads or tampons any longer! The downside is, after having kids and getting old, I have to buy those stupid “pee-pee pads” or I end up (TMI) flooding everything if I cough, sneeze or laugh. I tried the Walmart toilet paper which I liked but then I noticed I was constantly scratching that area. I’m allergic to the stuff! I still look for the cheapest TP but I’m very aware of any “symptoms” when I use a new brand.

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    1. I’ve been told to expect the pee accidents eventually, too, because my bladder is already slightly prolapsed after all these pregnancies. :/ Oh well, life! I wonder if cloth pads would work for you with sneeze/laugh accidents. Perhaps not if we’re really talking “flood” here, lol. I absolutely love the feel of cloth pads!!
      Ooh, sorry about the sensitivity to WalMart’s tp. :(

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  6. I’m with you on the weirdness with adult cloth wipes. I have no issues using cloth on my babies, but…adult poo is just…different lol. I only use two squares of regular toilet paper for #1 though ;) I do use a menstrual cup and cloth pads. I use natural, locally made soaps, but I’d say we do soapless bathing about 75% of the time. I’m considering making my own soaps and possibly a toothpaste. I make my own deodorant already. I’ve started using less of my drugstore makeup, but I haven’t found a more natural (and budget friendly) option that I love. I haven’t found a great shampoo option either. :( Baby steps!

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    1. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in thinking that non-baby poop is different, lol!
      Well done on using all the local, handmade products. My skin is so sensitive…I am scared of reactions to new products, no matter how natural they are, which is why I use the one type of castile soap that I’ve used for years. I’ve had reactions to essential oils, coconut oil, and other natural things! Boo :(
      Anyway, it sounds like you’re on the right track! I love thinking about all the ways to be more frugal and green. ^_^

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