Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 12/16/16

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Elizabeth is almost six months old! She’s been trying some foods this week; first sweet potatoes and then pears. I think I may have a good eater here judging by the absolute excitement she gets about every bite, lol. Next, we’re going to try bananas, peaches and then homemade applesauce. ^_^

(TMI) I was supposed to start my period on Wed but instead I had the tiniest bit of spotting. Then yesterday, same thing. No cramping or anything. ?? Probably just my cycle trying hard to stay regular even though I’m still (very much!!) breastfeeding on demand. Last month’s period (the first one postpartum) was eight days long, with most of those being heavy days. O_O And then ovulation, a few weeks later – or the signs of it – lasted for almost a week! Fertility on the rise!! lol

My goal for the last few weeks has been to try at least one new recipe a week. Last night, I made apple turkey burgers and they were amazing! Instead of apple butter, I used homemade applesauce, which I had made in the morning. I think I (kind of) forgot how much I like cooking! While pregnant, I could hardly spend any time in the kitchen. I was nauseous for a good half of the pregnancy and then the terrible pain I had from kidney stones, as well as round ligament pain, kept me on the couch. I’m happy to finally be getting back to it! I have some organizing to do with my recipes, though. I have a huge stack of all kinds of recipes jammed into a file folder that need to either be tried, ditched, or reprinted to go in my recipe album (photo album with recipes on index cards). I am so behind on it that I’ve not even wanted to bother, but now that I’ve returned to the kitchen, I have to get the recipes under control.

And one more thing! I am giving myself a challenge. If I drink 8 glasses of water every day for a week, then I’m going to buy something I really want on Etsy. It’s only $11 but it’s something I don’t need so I wouldn’t buy it otherwise. It’s useful, but I don’t “need” it. Kwim? lol Anyway, I don’t dare share the link to it here because I don’t want anyone else to buy it! I drank all eight glasses yesterday so hopefully I’ll make it a week without having to start over and next Friday I can order it. ^_^ Stay tuned – if I succeed, I’ll be sure to share the product in an upcoming post!


9 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 12/16/16”

  1. I loved baby led weaning when we started introducing solids. Worked wonders. Little is 17 months and still a great eater…though, he’s definitely being more picky now lol.

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  2. My period came back this week at exactly 6 months PP. I was hoping for a little longer because I am also breastfeeding on demand. Oh well! We have also started food but we are doing baby led weaning and so far Little O doesn’t actually put much of it in his mouth. Ha ha!

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