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{Sidecar} Co-sleeping

Baby Elizabeth had been sleeping in my bed since she was born. I’ve mostly loved it but there was one problem – her little body took up a ton of space! She moves so much in her sleep. She scoots, rolls and maneuvers – and mostly toward me. Did I mention we were in a twin bed? O_O My husband has shoulder and back issues from an accident a few years ago that force him to sleep in a reclined position, so he’s been on the couch since a few months before we moved here last summer. Therefore, it was just me in a twin bed…with Elizabeth. His twin bed (which we used to have shoved against mine as a makeshift king) got dismantled when Joshua needed a new mattress. So, the box spring and bed frame are down in the shed and the mattress is in the boys’ room.

Yeah, I have been pretty squished these last six months, sharing a bed with her. There have been backaches which I suspect have, at least sometimes, been caused by my sleep position. And there have been days when I experienced a general feeling of inadequate rest even though she slept through the night (which, currently is laughable because she wakes nearly every two hours to nurse right now). And now that she is taking up even more space as she grows (I feel like I’m sleeping with a toddler!), I’ve had to change our sleeping situation.

This weekend, Stephen and I stood in the bedroom and weighed our options. Do we buy another twin mattress and remake the king bed situation? We’d have to buy another bedrail for the other side. Those two purchases together wouldn’t be cheap. Do we start putting her to bed in her crib across the room from my bed? She doesn’t sleep as long in the crib as she does when with me, and I still want her near me.

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And then Stephen thought of something. ^_^ He went and got his tape measure and measured the height of my bed as well as the height of her crib; they were nearly the same. He suggested taking one side off her crib (it transforms into a toddler bed, so it safely comes off) and pushing it against my bed, attaching the beds together at the feet with tie straps or bungee cords, and we could have it all! More space but still together, AND the safety of the crib rails. What a smart guy. <3


And so, we did it this weekend. On Saturday night, when I was about to go to bed, I felt such strong emotions that I felt like I might burst! I was so happy I truly almost cried (I’m not a crier otherwise I’m sure I would have!) The realization that I could stretch out, change positions, and just move freely made me feel like chains were coming off of me! Oh, how I wish I’d done this ages ago!!


bedsIt is wonderful! My little sweetie pie is still near me and I can reach over and touch her, let her hold my hand, and hear her as soon as she wakes to nurse,

but I have

S         P        A         C         E


Do you co-sleep? What has your experience been?

10 thoughts on “{Sidecar} Co-sleeping”

  1. Looks like the perfect solution! My little girl always used to end up in our bed and like you say , they sleep so much better…. we both used to! But…. she’s now 5 and although very much in her own bed , there is still the odd few nights she comes bounding down the hallway at 3am for cuddles! I don’t mind but like you say …. how can people so small take up sooooo much room haha!! Xx
    Hope you continue to get peaceful nights with your new sleeping arrangements Xx

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    1. My five year old probably would still come to bed with me but having his big brother in the room with him (they have bunk beds) helps a lot, I think. He was a full time co-sleeper until he was nearly three.

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    1. Umm, my hubby is quite active and rough in his sleep so when he was still sharing the bed with me, and our third child was co-sleeping, I always had to be between them!! lol


  2. I totally the the ‘not feeling rested even though baby slept’ thing. We were fortunately able to buy a king just after new baby arrived – perfect to accommodate mom, dad, baby… and toddler in the morning… followed by 2 dogs !


  3. I have co-slept on and off with Little O. At the moment he sleeps with me from his first feed from when I go to bed or no one sleeps. This means Mr O has to sleep downstairs on the futon because Little O is so big… and I miss him. I would like to sidecar the crib to our bed as you have but I can’t imagine how it would fit. Such a good solution though.

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  4. We got a bedside cot for our second and it was such a difference, so much easier. We’d been sharing a bed with our eldest, and I would spend half the night awake with panic that we’d squash him. (He was always fine, of course.)


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