Day in the Life (December 2016)


December 21, 2016

Elizabeth woke to nurse at three in the morning. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fall back to sleep because, strangely, I felt pretty alert. But sleep I did, and the next thing I knew it was 5:30 and Stephen was waking me up so I could take him to work.

I had my coffee and read a few blog posts but then Elizabeth was ready to eat at 5:45. This worked out because I needed to feed her before leaving anyway. I woke Maggie at 6:20 and twenty minutes later Stephen and I left. Traffic moved well on the interstate and we got there in good time.

I got home at 7:25. The boys and baby girl were still sleeping. I read another couple of posts on my laptop before getting in the shower. I then worked on meal planning and my grocery list. I found three new recipes on Pinterest that I wanted to try, one of which would be a Christmas ham. The list-making took me awhile because there seemed to be a number of distractions. From Samuel and Joshua (not so happily) playing footsies on the couch :P and Stephen calling me on the phone, to my stomach growling and needing breakfast, the list kept being put on hold.

But eventually I was done and I started getting ready to go to the store. I decided I’d take Samuel with me and leave Elizabeth, who was still sleeping, with Maggie and Joshua. I was going to have to feed her and change her before leaving, though, so I debated about when to do that. Then, she solved the problem by waking up. :) It was 9:45. Maggie asked if she could change her, just to get some practice.


e-in-morningWhile she was changing her, Samuel started talking about how we need another baby. When I asked why, he said simply, “so we can have two babies, a boy and a girl.” I said, “Well, we already have a girl,” and he said, “yeah, so we need a boy.” Okay then. lol


I fed Elizabeth and then Samuel and I got going. Of course, I left the list at home.


WalMart was busier than a normal weekday morning but it was lighter than I’d expected with just four days left until Christmas. Once finished, we hustled home and had just enough time to unload the van, put the groceries away, and eat lunch (and nursing Elizabeth) before leaving for Joshua’s eye doctor appointment. We left the house at 12:35.


e-going-to-eye-drOn the way, Maggie sat in the back with Samuel so she could play pretend with his super hero guys. Joshua and I talked while Elizabeth played with her pink bunny that makes a lovely chime sound when you shake it. She fell asleep just before we arrived.


We somehow managed to make it to the appointment a few minutes after 1pm, just in time. I put Elizabeth’s carseat in the stroller and took her inside, still sleeping. The waiting room was empty and they called us back right away. We skipped dilation this time because Joshua really dislikes how it feels so the doctor agreed to doing it every other year instead of yearly. I don’t blame him at all – I hate how queasy dilation makes me! The appointment went well and he was given a new (but the same as last time) prescription for glasses. We were out of there by 1:20. ^_^

We drove to the post office to mail a bill and check our box. Just a pre-approved credit card again (no thanks!) and JoAnn coupons. Elizabeth woke up. We went to the recycling drop-off center and dropped off some cardboard. Then we headed home. Elizabeth pooped and then started getting antsy. She was hungry. But I hated the idea of stopping, having to change her diaper in the van, feed her, and then make her unhappy by putting her back in the carseat, so I asked Joshua to try to entertain her by singing in hopes of making it home. And we did, make it home.

I fed her right away in the front seat while the kids got stuff (water bottles, diaper bag, etc.) taken inside the house. Afterward, Joshua went to ride his bike, Maggie went to wrap Christmas presents and Samuel went to watch Scooby-Do. When Elizabeth and I went in, I changed her diaper and set her up on the floor to play with her toys and watch Baby Mozart.


She had a little bit of tummy time and then it was time to sit up and play!


I cleaned up the kitchen and tidied up around the house as well. By 2:45, Elizabeth had had enough play time and wanted to be held. So, we walked around the house, still putting things away and generally tidying up. This girl isn’t light! I put her in the walker but that lasted about five minutes before she protested and started fussing.

nursingI fed her on one side and she was definitely not satisfied after finishing (which is unusual for her), so I offered her the other side and she nursed some more…until she fell asleep. I had planned to take her to Publix with me after feeding her because I wasn’t counting on her falling asleep, but since she did I put her in her bed and told Maggie the new plan. I asked Samuel if he wanted to come along but he was happily playing and declined. I called Joshua in from riding his bike. I left the house at about 3:40.

Publix was pretty busy! I got back home at 4:15 to find Maggie and Samuel on the living room floor with Elizabeth. :) Joshua went back outside to ride his bike some more. I got the food put away and then took advantage of a little bit of free time and went into my bedroom to wrap Christmas presents. Stephen called at 4:50 and said I could start getting ready to come get him from work. I finished the two presents I was wrapping and then got us ready to go. I figured that Elizabeth was probably going to want to nurse again before leaving and I was right. She didn’t nurse as long as normal, but she wouldn’t have made it until we got back home from getting him, so I’m glad she at least nursed some.

Joshua and Samuel came with me and Elizabeth to pick Stephen up. He was just walking down the steps at his work after having clocked out when we arrived. The interstate was backed up so we had to take the back roads home. Maggie made dinner while we were gone and set the table. It was so nice not to have to cook!

johnny-jump-upAfter dinner, I spent some time straightening up the sewing table and my bedroom while Elizabeth played in the Johnny-Jump-Up. Then, we (everybody but Joshua) watched half of Little Women (1949) and by 9:00, Elizabeth was ready to go to bed. After getting her to sleep, I put Samuel to bed. I made Stephen’s lunch for the next day and then went to bed myself. I looked at the clock at exactly 10:00 and then immediately fell asleep. ^_^


Thanks for following along! 

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8 thoughts on “Day in the Life (December 2016)

  1. I would love to tell you that when the kids are older you will remember the list you spent so much time crafting before heading to the store. But, alas, my kids are grown and I left my Christmas grocery shopping list on the table and didn’t know until I got to the store! It may not get easier later on but it will slow down (as I have!).
    Hang in there, your kids are beautiful! Have a great holiday with them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your kids are just wonderful and that shows what a great mommy you are to them! I remember the days when mine were little and it seemed that I never had a moment to myself. Now I miss the chaos and fun. But that’s what grandchildren are for and I just saw two of them!
    On a personal note, thank you for the card!!! It came today! May you and your lovely family have the most wonderful, blessed and Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ^_^ I decided right after our youngest was born that I wanted to document our daily life by doing one of these posts a month. Things change so much so fast and I want to remember everything! I’d love to read about your day! :)
      Thank you! XO My big kids are the best!


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