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Six Month Update

Boxing Day is Elizabeth’s half birthday! She is now six months old. ^_^ Here is a little update on what she is like and what she’s been up to lately.

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  • She rolls all around the living room (which we are keeping meticulously clean!) with ease.
  • She is sitting up on her own.
  • She grabs toys easily, and manipulates them in order to put the part she prefers in her mouth.
  • She doesn’t mind the carseat anymore. She is content to play with her toys and watch her siblings in the back seat. When on a long car ride, she watches a Baby Einstein dvd on the mini player.
  • She makes a lot of noise while nursing when she is trying to have a bowel movement, lol.
  • She smiles joyfully at Steve when he is talking to the audience on Blues Clues.
  • She loves when Joshua makes crazy faces at her.
  • Mashed potatoes are her favorite table food.
  • She doesn’t need to be held in the evening nearly as much as she used to.
  • She goes to bed easily somewhere around 9pm.
  • She is taking her pacifier again after refusing it for a few weeks around Thanksgiving.
  • She wakes to nurse twice most nights.
  • She is still drooling a lot. Teeth count: 0
  • She likes the johhny-jump-up and the walker but neither keep her happy for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • She is wearing cloth diapers most of the time now. All the diapers have Velcro instead of diaper pins because she is big enough that the flaps no longer overlap.
  • She takes expressed milk from a bottle happily and eagerly, grabbing it and pulling it toward herself.
  • She fits in 12 month clothes for the most part, but some of her pants are 18 months to contain the cloth diaper (we have to roll the cuffs one time).
  • She loves grabbing our faces and “kissing” us (aka slobbering madly!)
  • She really enjoys sitting in the high chair at the table with us.
  • She grabs her socks, feet, or my arm while I am changing her diaper.
  • She still likes the feeling of the water in the bath, but she doesn’t appreciate when I wash her hair or try to clean her neck (under all that chub!)
  • She only likes sitting upright in the stroller – no more lying back reclined.
  • She weighed 20lbs 3oz a few days before Christmas.


Happy six months, sweetheart!

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