Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 12/28/16

living lighter thoughts

We had a lovely Christmas. It was calm and fun and the weather was fantastic (though unseasonably warm). Joshua got me a journal of 300 drawing prompts and I am IN LOVE! How did I live without this?! It has totally resparked (is that a word?) my love for drawing. ^_^



See my “bubbling cauldron”? I enjoyed drawing it and I never would have thought to had it not been for this book/prompt. :)

Elizabeth tried blueberry and pear puree this morning and liked it!

This afternoon I have lesson planning to do because we start back with school on Monday. I want to have it all done by the weekend so I can enjoy bringing in the new year with Stephen and the kids without work hanging over my head. ;)

Possible TMI…I had a tiny bit more spotting this morning (just like two weeks ago) so now I’m two weeks late – come on, period, get with the program!

Tomorrow is Elizabeth’s six month checkup and some more dreaded shots. :'(

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