April – June

→ Try a new recipe.

Ravioli bake (May 3) This was really easy and we (except Joshua, who doesn’t care for ravioli) really liked it.

Slow Cooker Cowboy Stew (Apr 12) I used ground turkey, red potatoes with the skin still on, baby carrots, chopped onion and 8oz tomato sauce. It reminded me and Stephen of a hash. We both liked it while Maggie and Joshua thought it was alright.

California Burger (sauce) from the cookbook, Dinnertime Survival Guide (Apr 2) I made basic turkey burgers and the CA sauce. Stephen, Joshua, and I all really liked it! It makes a nice dip for fries, too, but it was outstanding on the burgers!

→ Sew something.

Four bibs (May 14) I sewed two small and two medium. :)

Fabric bread cozy (Apr 7) Turned out really nice. I used microfleece as the middle layer.

→ Go to a new zoo, park or museum.

Heritage Park (May 9) It’s not completely new, but Samuel had never been and the rest of us hadn’t been in years. We walked/biked the trails through the woods.

→ Visit a new city.

Austell, GA (June 11) Stephen drove us around, looking at the place her spent much of his childhood. We particularly liked walking around the church grounds.

Indian Springs, GA (Apr 9) We went to a candy/ice cream shop and had homemade fudge and ice cream. We went to the GA state park afterwards.

→ Exercise.

Pilates (May 6, 7, 8, 10, 11) I really feel the burn in my shoulders and arms when I do the push-ups! It is a good burn, though. ;)

Yard work (Apr 13) We picked up all the sticks in the front and back and also weed whacked so we can cut the grass.

→ Try something new off the menu.

Cali Club sandwich from Denny’s (Apr 9) It was pretty good but I didn’t love the avocado.

→ Read a book.

A Scone to Die For (Apr 9) I loved it after getting past a few bothersome things at the beginning. :)

→ Grow something.

Wildflower assortment (Apr 2) Samuel and I planted the seeds in a medium size pot.

→ Watch a movie.

Nanny McFee (May 17)

Moana (Apr 5) Maggie, Samuel and I all liked it a lot! I enjoyed the music, the humor, and the animation. The “moral” of the story was lost on me, but I still enjoyed it, lol.

→ Do something spontaneous.

Go to the doctor because my bladder felt odd. (June 6) Little did I know it was the first symptom of another pregnancy!!!

Take a blogging break (May 10) I decided mid-afternoon that I would post the next day and then take the summer off.

→ Make a craft or DIY.

→ Buy something handmade.

Pink floral light switch plate from Graceful Guessing (Apr 11)

→ Try a new restaurant.

→ Volunteer.

→ Learn something new.

All about molar pregnancies…against my will, but I still learned! (April 17)

→ Declutter & donate.

Lots of bags (June 13)

Four bags misc stuff (April 28)

→ Play a game.

Wii Party (Apr 10) all of us played on Maggie’s birthday, a lot of fun!

Putt-putt golf (Apr 9) At Indian Springs state park. It was the kids’ first time playing and the boys loved it…Maggie not so much, lol.

→ Set a goal and do it!