July – September

→ Try a new recipe.

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken Penne (July 12)

→ Sew something.

→ Go to a new zoo, park or museum.

Ocmulgee National Monument (Aug 13) It was very hot and humid so it didn’t feel great to be outside, but we had fun anyway!

Griffin Municipal Park (July 11) Joshua couldn’t say “municipal” if his life depended on it, lol. He’s really happy about the skate park, though.

→ Visit a new city.

Griffin (July 11) We went to a new park and found out where the library is for next time we visit.

Duluth (July 4) We went to Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s for lunch and then to the Chattahoochee River to walk trails.

→ Exercise.

Power walking (different evenings in Aug) Not feeling great…can’t even complete a mile.

→ Try something new off the menu.

→ Read a book.

→ Grow something.

→ Watch a movie.

→ Do something spontaneous.

→ Make a craft or DIY.

→ Buy something handmade.

→ Try a new restaurant.

→ Volunteer.

→ Learn something new.

→ Declutter & donate.

Lots of bags (July 11)

→ Play a game.

→ Set a goal and do it!