Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 1/2/17

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It is (quite literally) a dark and stormy night here in Georgia. It’s been raining all weekend! A bit of a dreary way to ring in the new year, but oh well, it is what it is and there are sure to be sunny days ahead. ;)

Oh, and happy new year! Did you stay up? I have a six month old so I certainly did not, nor did I party, but I did watch a Tim Hawkins comedy show with my teens and we laughed (a ton!) until about 11pm when I finally went to bed (and they stayed up). :P

We have been putting spare change into a large jar since January first of 2016. My grandmother ♥ gave me the jar years ago; I grew up seeing her and my grandpa fill it with coins as well, so the tradition lives on and is so special to me! Anyway, we didn’t focus too much on adding money to it, but when Stephen and I would think of it, or one of the kids happened to have a little spare change, we’d throw it in.

coins-kidsAnd on New Year’s Eve, it was time to dump, sort and count! The kids were excited because all the money was to be divided among the three of them. We ended up with $81.57 so they each got $27.19. Not bad for spare change!

coin-jarI’d like us to save at least $100 in 2017. Samuel was really cute on Sunday morning when he found 36¢ in his wallet and proudly announced that he was going to be the first to add to the empty coin jar. ^_^

I’ve never been into new year’s resolutions but I do love a good list so I’ve decided that my one goal for this year is to keep better track of dates and events. So, I made a 2017 page on my blog where I have a list of all the things I want to do (over and over) this year. Here are the things I want to keep track of:

→ Try a new recipe.

→ Sew something.

→ Go to a new zoo or museum.

→ Visit a new city.

→ Exercise.

→ Try something new off the menu.

→ Read a book.

→ Grow something.

→ Watch a movie.

→ Do something spontaneous.

→ Make a craft or DIY.

→ Buy something handmade.

→ Try a new restaurant.

→ Volunteer.

→ Learn something new.

→ Declutter & donate.

→ Play a game.

→ Set a goal and do it!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this year brings – best wishes to you guys!

17 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 1/2/17”

  1. Happy New Year Valerie! I’m so excited right now to find your blog! I took a long (THREE YEAR) break from blogging (I used to have a blog called “One True Wife”) and then I quit reading other blogs too. :( I missed it but I got busy with pregnancy and kids! I started preparing to launch a new blog recently and went back to read my old favorites. Sadly, Atlanta Mom of Three was gone! I did a google search and looked around Facebook but I couldn’t find it. Tonight I stumbled on this blog, and my first thought was, “That’s Atlanta Mom of Three….I know it!” I read a couple of posts, and sure enough you named your first three kids and I knew I was right! Congratulations on Baby #4! You were trying to get pregnant back when I followed you before, and Samuel was still nursing. I’m so glad you finally got your wish!

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    1. Hi, Rachel!! Wow, so glad you found me! Congratulations on your little boys – how exciting! I’m looking forward to reading your new blog!
      Yep, Atlanta Mom of Three had run its course and I needed a new place online to call home. ;) And yes, Samuel was a little over four when I finally got pregnant with his sister. We are over the moon with little Elizabeth. ^_^
      Thanks for finding me! Happy new year.

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  2. I never use cash, but my husband does. He’ll give his spare change to our 11 year old, and it adds up fast. He uses it to buy video games mostly. ;) Soon my hubby will have to start splitting the change with our middle child, so he can save up to buy his own treats too.
    I haven’t made any resolutions, but I have been making a lot of lists lately. Daily chore lists to keep me on track, education goals for my 2 oldest boys, a list of crafting goals for 2017, and a list of items I want to get done or at least started this week. The sleep deprivation is making the last list difficult to face. My little one has been nursing every couple of hours, so even getting daily chores done has been tough without help from my 11 year old.

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    1. It’s great that your husband and son are able to make the most of spare change like that! :)
      Don’t you love lists?! They become seriously necessary as things get busier and especially with sleep deprivation! Elizabeth is currently waking every two hours or so to nurse, too. Silly girl, she needs to eat during the DAY! :P Hmm, I’m sorry your son isn’t being more of a help. :/

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      1. The list I made for this week wasn’t completed, but I was able to check off a couple things. I meant to say that my son was making it possible to get the daily chores done.😉 Of course more help would always be nice, but he did a fair amount.


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