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Lavender Lane ~ Wool Dryer Balls

dryer-ballsIn my continued efforts to save money and be kinder to the environment, I have started using wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets. I attempted to make my own a few years ago but failed pretty miserably. I went back to sheets after they unraveled in my dryer; apparently you need to know how to felt wool and I don’t, lol.

Anyway, Kirbie, the lovely lady behind the Etsy shop, Lavender Lane, recently allowed me the opportunity to try five of her wool dryer balls and I am thrilled! They work so well!

Why are they so great?

♦ No waste! Wool dryer balls eliminate the waste (no packaging or sheets) and you use them over and over and over! again. For months, even years.

♦ Scent-free. I have been buying scent-free dryer sheets for a long time because I am sensitive to strong scents, but they are really expensive so I am definitely happy not to be having that cost anymore! Wool dryer balls are also scent-free, but it is possible to add essential oil to them periodically if you like a certain scent or combination of scents in your laundry.

♦ No chemicals! I have no idea what’s in dryer sheets (do you?) but I know for sure that wool dryer balls are chemical-free, and that’s fantastic news.

♦ Free, after initial purchase cost. I don’t know about you, but the less things I have to buy over and over again, the happier I am. ;) Buy wool dryer balls once and stop adding sheets to your grocery list!

♦ Easy! You just throw them in your dryer and that’s where they stay. All the time. ^_^

♦ Energy efficient. They reduce drying time by absorbing moisture and circulating heat through the clothes better. The action of the balls rolling around increases air flow as well.


Static cling?

Almost all of my laundry comes out of the dryer just fine, but items made with 100% polyester become really clingy and temporarily full of crackly static unless I use a dryer sheet. So, my microfiber cloths, a few blankets, and couple of other miscellaneous things. But this is NO BIG DEAL considering all the benefits there are to replacing dryer sheets with wool balls! If I really felt I needed to fix this, I’d use sheets for these particular items (because I still have some from left over), but I haven’t, so obviously it isn’t something that needs fixing. ;)

UPDATE by Kirbie of Lavender Lane Etsy shop:

I have solved the static problem and wanted to share with your readers. I run one or two dryer balls under the faucet before I put them in the dryer. This all but eliminates the static and I’m in the throws of a dry cold winter in Ohio! I hope this helps!!

Make the Switch

If you’re still using sheets and you are ready to make the eco-friendly, frugal switch to wool balls, click here to see what Lavender Lane has to offer! She is all about green living and sustainability, and her prices are affordable.

And while you’re visiting her shop, check out her beautiful teething necklaces and natural baby bath stars!


Do you use an alternative to dryer sheets?

What has your experience been?

18 thoughts on “Lavender Lane ~ Wool Dryer Balls”

  1. We use dryer balls and love them, I think we made the switch about a year ago. Making small changes like this really adds up over time. I’m currently in a pendulum swing between to cloth diaper or not. My plan before Ella was born was to use disposables for the first couple weeks then switch but I haven’t made the switch yet…I use Babyganics diapers which I’m content with as far as the ingredients go (or mainly, the lack there of, because this company doesn’t give an ingredient list for their diapers?) and have 5 all in 1 cloth diapers that fit her up until 4 months old and …well, you get the picture. I can’t commit. I like how the disposables function and while I hate throwing away a small bag of diapers every week, I’m not sure if the time and energy to wash/dry cloth diapers makes that much less of an impact than the disposables.

    Back to your post, I’m going to reference this blog when my dryer balls are done for, but so far it looks like they have a long life. I’m pretty sure we ordered ours off Amazon because we are Amazon Prime junkies.

    Also — I’m right there with you on losing the baby weight. Ella was my first and I gained 50 pounds, but was on the “too skinny” scale prior to pregnancy, so my goal isn’t to go back to where I was, but to lose 40 lbs. So far I’ve lose 30 but these last 10 are hanging around ;). Where are you at in your journey? I’m focusing on my diet, finding fun ways to move around in this cold winter weather (Hello East TN) and staying hydrated to meet my goals.

    Look forward to connecting more <3

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    1. Little changes do make a big difference, don’t they?! I’ve been evaluating our products, spending, and habits room by room lately ( and it’s helping me to be both encouraged and motivated to continue on in my transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. :) It looks to be easy to maintain once there, it’s just a matter of being willing to make lots of little changes. Some are definitely harder than others!
      We use cloth diapers most of the time but I still use disposables for night time and outings. I made my own diapers this time (I bought covers and prefolds with my third child and didn’t like them much). and I started using them with her when she was six weeks old.
      Haha, I am an amazon prime junkie, too!! ;)
      Well done on your weight loss! My baby weight fell off this time without any effort, but I sure didn’t think was going to the case after what happened with my third! I was at a BMI of 24.9 pre-pregnancy (145lbs) which is JUST below overweight so I didn’t need to gain much. I ended up with a total of a gain of 21lbs (baby weighed 8lbs10oz). I lost all of it in the first week! lol And then, with my chunky baby gaining weight so quickly, I’ve lost more over the last six months. I’m now at a healthy BMI of 22, weighing 128lbs. What I do need to do, is start exercising. I had a c-section (my first!) this time and I still haven’t felt up to working out. :/ I just want to firm up a little and tone my tummy and rear end!! And it feels so good to workout (when it doesn’t hurt) and I miss it. :( Hoping to start soon!!

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      1. I bet losing that weight and more felt really great for your body, especially in a week! I remember being shocked when I was only down 9 lbs following delivery. (I was 112-115lb before pregnancy and ended up at 160!) I’m at 129 now and I feel really great. This would’ve felt “huge” to my prebaby self but now it feels natural. I’m stronger than I was before Ella and just like you, I’m ready to tone and tighten up. Today’s yoga class was three hours and almost all with asana (poses) and it really kicked my butt. I’m still not feeling totally ready to adopt a fitness routine, but I think I’m ready enough. My baby weighed 7lb 3oz btw and I was 40 wk 6 days! I’m still healing and am working with a pelvic floor therapist for a few pain issues + prolapse (blah!!). Overall, pregnancy made me stronger and more confident and I can’t see myself ever going back to less than 120lbs and can’t believe I was 108 in my first trimester (in the sick phase). Definitely in a strong, muscled fit stage rather than skinny frame of mind. Not that I ever was aware of that.. my body is so different now, I couldn’t gain weight before.
        Anyways.. I’d love to be accountable with you on our fitness journeys! :) I’m excited to check out your cloth diaper post this week and will look into giving it a go!

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  2. I had never heard of dryer balls until I saw this post! Since I can’t (yet) felt wool I’m going to have to go to your supplier! And I’m reblogging this because I’m sure other people are like me and don’t know about these!

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  3. I have been using the wool dryer balls since last spring, in an effort to cut down on my son’s eczema. However, I only use them for the baby laundry because they leave my husband’s work out clothes and uniform items ridiculously full of static. When we’re traveling, I don’t take them with me, but I use balled up foil, which works pretty well.

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    1. Interesting! Did it help with his eczema?
      I’ve heard of using foil before, too, but the reviews seemed mixed on its effectiveness. Which do you think works better?


      1. I don’t know if it really helped with the eczema, but with that, fewer chemicals is always better, right? The foil worked about as well as the wool, it was just really loud bouncing around in the dryer! I also didn’t use them for very long before we moved, and our current dryer is super inefficient, so I line dry everything to about 80% dry, then put it in the dryer.


      2. Hey, it’s Kirbie. Thanks Valerie for writing such a great post about Dryer Balls. I have solved the static problem and wanted to share with your readers. I run one or two dryer balls under the faucet before I put them in the dryer. This all but eliminates the static and I’m in the throws of a dry cold winter in Ohio! I hope this helps!!

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