Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 1/8/17

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Well, we were forecasted to get snow on Friday night but it stayed just north of us, which was a bummer, but at least we didn’t lose power! A lot of times we are told there will be snow but it’s actually rain and then ice, which knocks power out. Poor Samuel, he really wanted snow.

I’ve completed some more things on my 2017 list! Some games and puzzles, a few DIY’s, a couple of new recipes…I am so excited about this way of keeping track of enjoyable, positive things in my life!

So, I’m now a month late. A MONTH!! My breasts hurt when I nurse Elizabeth and have for a few weeks. I know I ovulated last month – where is my period?! I took a pregnancy test on Christmas morning and on New Year’s Day and they were both negative. Surely, there is no chance of pregnancy now. Come on, hormones, work with me here. :P

Maggie has been learning about photography (for school, for life – is there a difference?) and I am loving the photoshoots she plans with her younger siblings! I get the benefit of having sweet pictures done for free! She played around in my bed with Elizabeth the other day and here is one of the photos from that play. I believe peek-a-boo was involved. ^_^


22 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 1/8/17”

  1. Oh my god, soooooo cute! And just a thought, lactation can mess with your period, even if it did not with your subsequent pregnancies. As we get older our body does respond differently. As long as the tests come back negative you should be fine. Have you spoken to your ob about this?

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    1. Hehe, thanks. ^_^
      Yeah, it’s weird, I’ve never had a postpartum period and then not continue on with having a regular cycle every month. Oh well, getting old(er), I guess! Because I haven’t had any pain and I’m not having any other signs of pregnancy, I haven’t felt like I needed to see a doctor yet. :/

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    1. Thanks ^_^ I think it’s just the effect breastfeeding is having on my hormones/cycle. If I went to the doctor, they’d likely just do a pregnancy test, lol, which I’ve already done…three times now. :P

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  2. What a lovely picture. The pre-menstrual breast sensitivity while nursing is so not fun. I have only had one period since Little O was born but I can feel the next one coming on and it’s very uncomfortable.


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