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Simplified Holiday Décor

I love holiday decorations and the way they add to the festive, joyful spirit of the season. But I’ve realized that I actually enjoy having less of them more than I like having an abundance of them. Clutter is never festive, lol.

I have a container (or containers, as is the case for Christmas) for each season or holiday. I thought I had things the way that I wanted them, but just before Thanksgiving I realized that it still felt like too much. It became clear that when decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was only putting out some of what was in the containers. I had to ask myself, why was I keeping the rest?


Knickknacks are cute but unless they are tied to a specific memory or person, and I feel like they bring me or the kids joy, I have let them go. Holiday wall art and other miscellaneous décor is no longer for me; I would much rather things remain simplified in my home year round than rearranging a bunch of things every few months.

The craft projects that the kids have made over the years are special to me but the only reason I used to try to find somewhere to display them each season was because that’s what my mom did with ours when I was growing up, not because it’s what *I* actually want to do with my kids’ projects. Instead, I would just like to choose to make one or two crafts with them (Samuel and Elizabeth) and enjoy the process and memories. Take some photos and be content. ^_^

I have realized that I really only want to have a few special areas of the home decorated for the season/holiday.

Reading corner

Over the years, I have sewn little quilts for the holidays. Currently, I have one for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I would still like to make one for summer (Fourth of July), and I hope to do that between now and mid-June. I display children’s books and a few stuffed animals on the quilts during the season or month of the holiday. I think it’s sweet, encourages reading, and makes my kids happy because it’s a place just for them.




I enjoy the way a festive tablecloth looks, sometimes with the addition of a small centerpiece, and I would love to have one for each season. At the moment, I only have a tablecloth for Thanksgiving and a centerpiece for Christmas so this is actually something I want to begin looking into buying as the seasons change.table


* * *

And really that’s it. I don’t want a bunch of clutter to go with the seasons. Don’t worry about the kids – we have a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, and those chunky orange pumpkins for trick-or-treating. But I guess what I’m saying is that I’m trying to be more deliberate and mindful when it comes to holiday décor. I like the calm way a cozy, minimalistic holiday feels. ^_^

12 thoughts on “Simplified Holiday Décor”

  1. I used to decorate the farm for Christmas. Every. Single. Room. 12 rooms and three bathrooms. It honestly gets to be too much! Now I’m ready to ship the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments to their respective owners along with all the other decorations! Simple is wonderful!

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  2. I love seasonal table cloths too but I can never find them to fit our table, which is an oval. It seems I can either find round or rectangular. I did, however, just buy a Christmas table runner for 50% off, so hopefully I can use it next year! :)

    This year we actually quit doing a Christmas tree (Weird, I know…) but it was nice. I don’t think I had ever realized how much I had obsessed over the appearance of the tree, and keeping the boys out of the ornaments, etc. It was a good feeling to not have to worry about it. AND now all of our Christmas stuff (including extra Christmas cards and Christmas gift bags, our nativity, Christmas movies & books, lights, and small ornaments) fits into ONE storage box! I was amazed! I believe I used to have 4 boxes, plus the tree.

    Another thing I just got as a gift and LOVED was a Christmas pillow cover! Now I LOVE the idea of throwing a seasonal pillow cover over our existing couch pillows. I’ll probably be looking to buy some this year!

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    1. Table runners are a great alternative to tablecloths, if you have trouble finding the right size! :)
      The only reason I’d like to get rid of our tree is because I hate putting the lights on, lol. I would miss having it too much, though, so I know I’ll keep doing the lights. ;)
      Hey, I don’t know if you sew or not, but pillow covers are really easy to make if you want to add to your new one! https://livinglighterinatlanta.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/learning-to-sew-pillow-covers/ Making seasonal ones could be a lot of fun – great idea!

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      1. You know, the tree thing was based on my husband’s conviction and I thought it would be sad too. I mean, I can’t remember ever having Christmas without a tree. But it wasn’t sad at all! It’s still not my personal conviction, but it’s not something worth fighting for. :)

        And that’s a great idea! I have a sewing machine I never use but I’m trying to learn how! I actually signed up for an online sewing class last night, lol. So I will definitely try pillow covers!

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  3. I just love table cloths and not many people seem to use them anymore. I have about 8 different ones, but I have a few that have white backgrounds that I’m scared to use with the little kids. I realize it’s kind of pointless to own belongings you can’t use, so maybe I will pull them out and be brave. It won’t be the end of the world if they get a stain.

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