Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 1/16/17

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Exciting news, Elizabeth has a little tooth! Her first little tooth. It started coming through on Friday, at six and half months old. ^_^ The one next to it looks like it will be coming in very soon as well. I’m definitely paying better attention when she is nursing now. If I see her slowing down, and just sort of hanging out on the breast, I’m encouraging her to either continue nursing or be done. I’ve found that babies tend to bite more when they aren’t really feeding.

She has been eating lots of baby food in the last month. I quit making my own food for her (unless there is something I have already made for us that she can eat, too) and am, instead, buying Beechnut “Just” naturals. They are fantastic! There aren’t any additional ingredients, just whatever the fruits and/or vegetables are listed. They cost $1 a jar, which is quite expensive, but I don’t care! I would rather pay a ton if it means not having to spend time pureeing. That’s how I feel at this point, anyway…once she is done with purees, I’ll probably begin fixing her food again. So, currently she loves mango as well as a mixture of blueberries and pear. She got a diaper rash from apples, so that one’s out for now. Next up, she’ll be trying sweet potatoes and bananas (not together); she has had both but not pureed by Beechnut.


One of the projects I worked on last week was my kitchen’s décor. I made a new flag banner (or, bunting) for the wall above one of the counters and brought a plant in from the living room to bring out the green in the banner. I really like how it looks now.

I also repurposed a basket and started using it to hold our cloth napkins. And speaking of which, we have cut down our usage of paper napkins significantly since my kitchen evaluation! ^_^


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  1. Elliot cut his first tooth at 4 months. Urgh. Charles cut his first at 6 months, and Amélie at 5 months, so if I have another baby, it’ll probably be at 3 months. Hahaha! They’re so cute when those pearly whites have popped out. Have you been having problems with biting? It took me a while, but I realized that changing nursing positions during teething helped me a lot. For some reason, Elliot would bite more often when I nursed him in the cradle position than when I nursed him lying down (tummy to tummy).

    Glad you found some purees you love! As you know we BLW around here (your should see the little guy, he’s become adept at picking up and gobbling up raspberries and smooshed blueberries), but if I had gone the puree route, you could bet that I would have used store bought as well. Seriously, with other kids around the house (plus homeschooling for you) who has time to puree all the time? ;)

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    1. Haha, wow, they are getting younger and younger for you! No, she hasn’t bitten me yet but I know from past experiences with her siblings that being preventive is much better than treating a bite! ;)


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