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New World Pads ~ Pads with a Purpose

Cloth menstrual pads, like cloth diapers, are becoming really popular – and it’s no wonder! They save money, are better for the environment, and are much more comfortable and stylish than disposables. I have been using cloth pads for almost three years and I have nothing but positive things to say about them!


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However, I’m not currently needing them. As is the case for many women who breastfeed, my cycle is irregular since having my fourth baby six months ago. I’ve only used cloth once since my postpartum bleeding stopped in the early weeks.

My sixteen year old daughter, on the other hand, has her period every month without fail. She is a responsible young lady and cares about the environmental impact of using disposables, so she switched to using cloth part time, starting last summer, even though the initial idea grossed her out. Well, the inspirational Catherine of New World Cloth on Etsy generously allowed Maggie to try some of her pads recently and she is now interested in switching to cloth full time! That’s saying a lot! She was impressed by how comfy they are and how good the water resistant fleece felt in comparison to other pads made with PUL.


Cat makes beautiful cloth pads and her cause is equally as beautiful! Check out her Etsy shop’s purpose:

New World Pads was created in 2016 to establish a pad-for-pad program. Funds from this shop go toward pad donations for girls in Kenya. Sanitary products are not accessible to many girls in developing countries. They often miss a week of school each month because families can’t afford disposable pads. They’ll be much more likely to fail the exam at the end of 8th grade that determines whether they get to go to high school or not because of this.

New World Pads is dedicated to empowering women across the planet. Empowerment begins with education, which should be just as accessible to girls as it is to boys.

Days for Girls International

It’s really incredible to think about how easy we have it, whether we choose cloth or disposable. We have coverage so we can go about our day with no issue. I love that Cat’s mission has brought to my attention (and my daughter’s) the reality of how other parts of the world are affected by something we’ve always taken for granted.

If you’re new to cloth and want to learn more or you just need to add to your stash, check out New World Pads for a great selection of products and a wonderful cause. ❤


Have you switched to cloth pads yet? Or do you have questions about them? Let me know in the comments! ^_^

10 thoughts on “New World Pads ~ Pads with a Purpose”

  1. This is an excellent post Valerie! I have never heard of these or the inspiration behind them. I will be turning the big 5-0 next month so this is not a program in which I personally will be able to participate (I have been missing cycles for the last year). But I do love the idea of helping out girls in other areas of the world, perhaps this is a new focus for me to look into when we decide where we would like to donate funds this year. Thanks for bringing my awareness to this issue!

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      1. I have a super light period, so my pads are very simplistic. I just do two layers of fleece! It feels nice and dry against skin, has never leaked, and doesn’t slide around in my underwear like PUL would. I’ve also experimented with layering some flannel or microfiber (cut up cloth diaper inserts), and they all worked well. I prefer to serge, rather than turn and topstitch, because it creates a flatter, smoother edge.

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    1. PUL is a waterproof material…poly-something laminate…and it’s in most cloth diaper covers.
      Changing pads really depends on flow and which absorbency you’re wearing. So, if your flow is moderate and you’re wearing a heavy absorbency pad, you could get away with changing it less often. No different than if you were wearing disposable. :)
      I used tampons exclusively for many years but when my daughter started having her period, too, the cost and amount of waste was really apparent and I was ready to make some changes!


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