Day in the Life

Day in the Life (January 2017)


January 17, 2017

I can’t imagine that true hunger is the cause of baby Elizabeth waking so frequently to breastfeed at night, but regardless, she does! So, I was definitely proud of myself when I woke up to my alarm at 6:30 and then actually got up! Stephen was still home so we chatted a little bit but most of my focus was on making the week’s meal plan. I searched Pinterest and my recipes, choosing two new dinners and five old ones. I made a blog post as I went along, figuring out exactly what I already have on hand and what I need to buy, as well as prep work needed for each recipe. After an hour, I was finished.

Stephen had left for work at 7:00, and the kids were all still asleep, so I was risking Elizabeth waking alone (with no one to respond to her), when I got in the shower at 8:00. Just before hopping in, though, I downloaded the Allrecipes app on my tablet. I have been getting so frustrated with the blogs that I’ve been finding recipes on; they either crash my computer because of all their ads, they won’t load right, or there are a ton of popups. Enough! Hopefully I won’t have any issues with the app and my recipe-finding problem will be solved. Anyway, I took a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom at 8:15, Samuel had just gotten up and was in a happy mood, as always. ^_^ I woke Joshua and then Maggie, who I then talked to about our dreams (and their possible meanings) for a good twenty minutes.

cloth-diaperingI made my breakfast and Samuel’s at 8:45 and then Maggie and I finished snipping thread off of cloth diapers I’d been working on. The boys went in the office and played Roblox together and recorded it on the camera.

boys-gameI started on the laundry at 9:15 and then Elizabeth woke up. She played on the floor while I stripped the bed so I could wash the sheets and pillowcases. She was in a good mood and enjoyed playing with her favorite books. Maggie got in the shower.




Elizabeth was ready to nurse at a quarter to ten after her diaper change. Afterward, Joshua hung out with her while I vacuumed. The kids then worked on their chores and I did miscellaneous house stuff; Elizabeth was content watching Blue’s Clues and watching us. The boys had a snack and shortly thereafter I was ready for an early lunch.


I was starving and it was only 11 o’clock! While I ate, I fed Elizabeth some blueberry & pear puree. Joshua went out to ride his bike in the neighborhood.

By 11:45, she was getting fussy. I nursed her on one side and she was ready for a nap. Once she was asleep, I went in the bathroom and did my makeup. After that, I did a quick cleanup of the silverware drawer.


Joshua came back inside and he and Samuel played computer games while I headed out to the laundry room to begin the task of organizing one of the school cabinets.

The 3-tier file on the top shelf was completed school work from the last three months of 2016. I took it to Maggie, along with the kids’ three ring binders for the year and the hole puncher and I asked her if she would be so kind as to get that taken care of for me. In the meantime, I continued organizing the books and notebooks.

They kids all ate lunch at 1:00 while watching Jumanji and I finished the cabinet about a half an hour later. I added labels for elementary, junior high, and high school resources, and put them on the shelves.


b-a-2Elizabeth woke up from her nap jus as I had finished. About ten minutes later, Joshua and Samuel decided to go outside to play in our woods and the creek. Maggie and I went into her room and worked on our Peter Pan (Thomas Kinkade) puzzle. Elizabeth was happy watching and playing from the floor.



Shortly after 2:00, she nursed on the right side and then Maggie hung out with her while I went outside and down to the shed to put away the completed school binders. While I was down there, I visited the boys at the creek.

boys-at-creekAfterward, they went up front and rode their bikes while I went inside and had a (pretty big!) snack. While they were out there, and I was frequently looking out at them, we saw an ambulance and fire truck come down our street and park next door to us. A few minutes later, our neighbor (who had a massive heart attack in September) was taken out by stretcher. :( We were worried that she’d had another attack but we found out later that it was a false alarm. :)

Maggie was still babysitting when I started sewing Velcro on the cloth diapers. But then I saw that I was nearly out of white thread so I checked my sewing closet and there was none to be found! I was bummed, and surprised because I never allow myself to run out. So, I grabbed a spool of pink, which at least would work  on the pink diapers. thread

As I returned to the sewing machine, I opened the accessory drawer to put a bobbin away, and what did I find but three spools of white thread! I probably put them there to be more organized and make it “easier” on myself. lol

grumpy-hungryElizabeth nursed again 4:00 after getting pretty grumpy with Maggie. :P I continued sewing diapers after feeding her, but then she was ready for a nap at twenty ’til five. Once she was down, I cleaned the microwave and called Joshua in.

Maggie, Joshua and I read the Bible together – a chapter in John and a chapter in Romans, and had a really nice talk about what we were reading. We sat on the couch because my right ankle was bothering me and I wanted to elevate it.

Stephen got home at 6:00 just as Elizabeth was waking up. I started dinner. It was ready and we ate at 6:45. At 7:15, I made the beds since I hadn’t gotten around to doing it earlier. Afterward, I played the Pokémon card game with Joshua while Elizabeth sat nearby playing with her toys. Samuel came in with his Legos and watched us.

pokemonNext, I got Samuel and Elizabeth in the bath. They both love it, it’s so sweet. ^_^ Her fuzz head disappeared temporarily when I brushed it, lol.


I was delayed getting Samuel into bed and didn’t make it in there until 9:40. Once he was settled in, I got Stephen’s lunch made for the next day and went to bed with Elizabeth. She nursed on the left side and we were both out like lights. Zzz

Thanks for following along!

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9 thoughts on “Day in the Life (January 2017)”

  1. You make your own cloth diapers? That’s awesome! What do you use to make them? I used cloth with Nathanael until I got pregnant with Joshua, and morning sickness just made it too hard for me to get things done–much less an extra load of laundry. And then with 2 in diapers I just never got back to it, and ended up gifting all my stash to a new momma in my church. She loves them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t happy with prefolds and OS covers with Samuel so I decided to get all crafty while pregnant with Elizabeth. ;) I use flannel, microfleece and PUL. I’ve never had two in diapers at once…that’s a totally different world, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Our oldest is potty-training now. He wears underwear most of the time. He’s still in a diaper overnight & wears pull-ups while we’re out but we are almost down to just one in diapers! Luckily they wear the same size now so we’re really just buying diapers for his little brother and using one a day for him.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t the fuzz the best?! lol She is our chia pet. Haha
      YouTube is the only way I have learned how to use my sewing machine as I don’t know anyone personally who sews. It is fabulous, though! As a visual learner, watching someone do a project – and then getting to rewind as many times as I want – is perfect for me.


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