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Weekly Meal Plan {Jan 25-31}

weekly-meal-planLast week went really well. Even with a few hiccups, all the meals were made (not necessarily on the day I had planned) and the new recipes were a hit. I realized early on in the week that I had been taking it personally how everyone reacted to the new dishes, so I put a stop to that! I let all three of them (Stephen, Maggie, and Joshua) know that I wanted their honest opinions on future dishes and I apologized for my previous hurt feelings. :P

If you would like to read about how we liked (or didn’t like!) the new dinners I’ve made in 2017, click here. If you want to see where most of the recipes are coming from, you can follow my dinner recipes board on Pinterest.

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

As a reminder, my goals are to 1) try lots of new recipes 2) use as many on-hand ingredients as I can 3) make delicious dinners for my family. ^_^


leftovers (I hate to do it, but we still have a fair amount from last week!)


Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches (new) with potato chips and coleslaw (new)

ingredients I already have – cabbage/carrots, mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, milk, seasonings, pepperjack cheese, potato chips

what I need to buy – sirloin, beef broth, bay leaves, two onions, more cabbage/carrots

prep work – slice onion and assemble coleslaw in the morning


Mexican Pizzas (new), tortilla chips and homemade salsa

ingredients I already have – refried beans, sliced olives, tortillas, onion, seasonings

what I need to buy – enchilada sauce, cheese, tomato, tortilla chips, jalapeños

prep work – none


Buffalo Ranch Chicken Casserole (new), carrots and celery

ingredients I already have – chicken, hot sauce, carrots

what I need to buy – tator tots, ranch dressing, celery, green onions, shredded cheese

prep work – chop green onions in morning, defrost chicken morning before


eat out!


Swiss and mushroom turkey burgers, roasted potatoes and southern style green beans (new)

ingredients I already have – potatoes, seasonings

what I need to buy – swiss cheese, mushrooms, bacon, turkey patties, hamburger buns, fresh green beans

prep work – none


Caesar Salad (new), breadsticks

ingredients I already have – croutons

what I need to buy – romaine lettuce, dressing, parmesan cheese (grated), grilled chicken, breadsticks

prep work – none

What’s on your meal plan this week?

9 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan {Jan 25-31}”

  1. I can totally relate with feeling frustration when you’ve worked so hard to find and prepare something new and that it doesn’t meet with much enthusiasm. Kudos to you for keeping yourself in check (so to speak) and attempting to avoid letting your frustration out on the others. I know I get especially annoyed when I spend time and care in making something and my husband and brother slather it in Sriracha sauce before even tasting!

    Those slow cooker French dip sandwiches sound delicious! Tonight we had pork tenderloin medallions with cornbread and a spinach/kale puree. Tomorrow, we’re eating cod with the rest of the cornbread and a green bean salad with dijon/balsamic dressing. Yum!

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    1. Yes, it was really getting me down but now I’m finding joy in our different tastes. :) Oh, man, Sriracha or salt/pepper, etc…just try it first!! Lol
      Ooh, your meals sound good! How’d the cornbread turn out?

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  2. I tell everyone I don’t need my ego stroked when I cook. I need honest opinions. Now the important stuff; I know I’m on the wrong page for this… Elizabeth’s headband is adorable! I’m going to try the Honey Buffalo Meatballs! They look fabulous! My boys always loved leftover night because they could pick and choose what they wanted that night. I’ve got a revamped recipe for Chicken Fried Steak I’m going to make. My original was good but I like to change things up. And I’m going to make Beer Battered Fish (ick) and Chips.

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    1. Haha, yeah, I think my ego was feeling neglected. But now I’m definitely feeling positively no matter what we all think of the dish. :)
      The meatballs really were amazing!! You should try them. Her blog is one of my new favorites for recipes, and her story is incredible!
      Thank you, I think the headband is cute, too! Now I have something else to make with my fabric scraps. ^_^
      Looking forward to seeing your recipes!

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  3. Love your ideas!!

    This is what’s on our meal plan this week!

    Thursday – Honey- lime siracha chicken skillet with chips and salad

    Friday – baked eggplant parm and garlic bread

    Saturday – Left overs

    Sunday – homemade pizza (make your own)

    Monday – spaghetti and meatballs with French bread and salad

    Tuesday – Chicek sausage, Kale and red potato soup with corn bread

    Wednesday – left overs


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