Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 1/26/17

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Lessons are going great this week despite my awful weekend (and Monday) of being sick. I had a head cold that hit hard and fast on Saturday and then my period finally showed up on Sunday after missing December entirely. I felt so lousy! But I already had everything planned for school so I didn’t have that hanging over me and I was able to just rest. Homeschooling isn’t hard when everything is planned, and I had three complete weeks ready to go (now two since we’re almost done with the first)! I’ve been really pleased with the academics part – the “life” part is the same, which I love. :)

I have been doing more crafts and sewing projects with Samuel lately, which is so much fun. He made a Pokeball the other day and was super proud of himself. He put it on his dresser where his little collection of Pokémon stuff is. ^_^ I’ve been incorporating more crafts into his school time as well.


Yesterday was kind of crazy, but in a good way. I took Stephen to work, and right after Elizabeth’s mid-morning feed, I went to WalMart to grocery shop for the week by myself. We had lunch when I got home and then later, we all went to drop off recycling and go to the post office. Maggie brought some school work with her. Stephen was ready to be picked up at about 4pm, and so we got him and then he went with us to get Joshua’s new glasses. When we were almost home (6pm), our landlord’s repairman called me and said he could come over to look at the place on our ceiling that appears to be a leak and causing mold. -_- Well, he came and it was (mold) and he had to go onto the roof to fix something that he did last year. We also have mold showing up in the bathroom so they’re going to first kill it and then prime and paint the room with a mold-resistant paint, as well as check the exhaust fan to make sure it is working properly. While he was here, I left and went to Publix to pick up a few things that WalMart doesn’t sell (or that they were out of). We had leftovers for dinner when I got back. Joshua worked on his school work after dinner. I was getting Samuel and Elizabeth’s bath ready when she started getting really fussy and obviously ready for bed. So I put her down at 8pm, fully expecting her to wake in 20-30 min, but she didn’t! I came to bed at 10:15 and this morning we both got up (late for me, early for her) at 8am! No, she didn’t sleep through the night, but aside from the times of breastfeeding in the middle of the night, it was a decent night’s sleep.

I found a solution to my water problem! At least I think so…it’s working for now anyway. I fill a 2L bottle with water in the morning (actually, Stephen does – what a guy!) and then I fill my glass or water bottle (if we leave the house) with water from it. The goal is to drink it all before going to bed that night. So far, I have been successful one time since starting four days ago, but ALMOST successful every other day, which is still great considering I hadn’t been coming near this amount of water before now. By the way, a 2L bottle of water equals just over 67 ounces, or about eight cups. I should be having more than that since I’m breastfeeding, but

baby steps!!

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  1. It can be hard getting in enough water. I just try to think of it this way–my large glasses (which really aren’t that large, they’re just bigger than the short ones LOL) hold 16 ounces if they’re filled close to full. Four of those is 64 ounces. That’s easy. I can drink four glasses of water per day, as a matter of fact, I easily drink 6 or more on a typical day.

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  2. Poor you! It’s no fun being sick. But you should be so proud you had everything ready for school so things didn’t fall apart. I’m glad they’re taking care of the mold! That’s definitely not good for any of you! It’s so cool that Samuel is sewing but I’m jealous because he’s no doubt ahead of me!

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