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My 3 Sons Handcrafted ~ Pocket Pads

Breastfeeding can definitely cause irregular cycles, and it’s not much fun. I like knowing when to expect my period and not having to (frequently!) wonder about pregnancy. And as odd as it may sound, I also like getting to use my RUMPS (reusable menstrual pads). It’s kind of like using cloth diapers instead of disposables – it’s adds a little bit of work to one’s day but it’s enjoyable because you know you’re doing something good for the environment and you get to enjoy their cuteness and style. ^_^

So, when my period graciously decided to return last week (ha), I finally got to use some pads I’d been waiting to try from a new (to us) Etsy shop called My 3 Sons Handcrafted. Tara, the lovely shop owner and stay at home mama of three, generously sent me two pads and four inserts last month and I’m finding out now that they’re terrific!


Tara’s cloth pads have a truly unique design – they have pockets, which allows you to control absorbency by adding or removing inserts. You can go from light to heavy just by stuffing it with a few more inserts! I’m familiar with the pocket design when it comes to diapers, but I’d never seen pocket pads before now.

pad-backAnd it makes perfect sense! By having a pocket and inserts, the same pads can be used regardless of the cycle day. All of my other cloth pads are either light, moderate or heavy, but her pocket pads can be whichever one is needed! Pretty smart.

pad-insertsThey are made of soft flannel and have a surged edge which makes them very comfortable to wear. The layers are thin and dry quickly whether you hang them, lay them flat, or throw in the dryer. I love that she uses metal snaps because they feel super secure, and her fabric choses are lovely. my3sons

She also sews a variety of other things; her Peter Pan costumes are awesome and Easter dresses are adorable. From her quilts to her aprons, her love of nature is clear. And of course, her pads show her love for the environment. ^_^

If you’re new to cloth pads, you can read about my experience with switching to them HERE, and definitely check out Tara’s Etsy shop HERE if you’re ready to make the switch!

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on using cloth.

3 thoughts on “My 3 Sons Handcrafted ~ Pocket Pads”

  1. Wow, pocket pads are an amazing idea! I’ve been using a Diva Cup for years, so I don’t need pads at all, BUT I have been using disposable panty liners. I started looking in to washable ones about a year ago, but for some odd reason, never really found any. I think it’s time I started looking into them again!

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