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Thoughts & Happenings 2/1/17

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February! Hi there, you came fast. Your buddy, January, did a fantastic job, from the weather to the incredible vibes of productivity. Let’s just say you have a challenge ahead and Jan will likely be a difficult act to follow! ;)

So, I’ve been looking for a new way to store my recipes for awhile. I used to type and print them and then tape or paste them onto index cards. I kept the cards in a 4×6 photo album. But because I have been trying so many new recipes lately, and my collection of recipes has grown significantly, I have wanted an easier way to keep the recipes. Basically, I don’t want to have to do so much work! And I’ve decided to simply use a three-ring binder and just stick the recipes I’ve printed online in the there after hole punching them. I asked Maggie to help me design a cover for my binder and I love how it turned out!


I’ve been using some super cute online printable calendars since sometime last year and this year, so far, I’m devoting them to meal planning. I have the current month on my refrigerator and after I make up the week’s meal plan on my blog, I write the dinners on the calendar. I’ve decided to keep them in my recipe binder in plastic sleeves afterward. I think it’ll be neat to look back at when the year is ending.

calendarsWe went to a thrift store after picking Stephen up from work a few days ago and I was able to find a few tops for Elizabeth. She has grown out of everything lately! She’s weighing 21.6lbs currently at seven months. The shirts are by Carter’s and The Children’s Place, which I probably wouldn’t buy were they not secondhand because the price tag tends to be high unless there is a really good sale!


flowery-shirtYay! Our bathroom and master bedroom were taken care of on Sunday. Mold killed and fresh paint applied. ^_^ We’re getting a new stove this morning. It’s being delivered sometime before noon.


I took the kids to Zoo Atlanta yesterday. The weather was AMAZING! Elizabeth was content and super pleased to be outside for so long which made the whole experience really positive.

I’m reading a new book called Smugglers and Scones and I’m really enjoying it. I ordered it on Amazon for my Kindle after reading a great review on Katie’s Cottage Books the other night.

How’s your week going?

18 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 2/1/17”

  1. I keep my planners from previous years because they have my menu plans in them. When I get stuck (which happens a lot), I can look back and get ideas for my menu! I also cut recipes out of magazines and glue them onto paper in a 3 ring binder, for my own personal Pinterest food board. I love it and use it a lot!

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    1. Yes! I think being able to look back will give me lots of ideas for the future. ^_^ I rarely get food recipes from magazines but when I find one at a thrift shop, I grab it up!


  2. I love the 3-ring binder! I have three of those, haha – no cute covers like yours, though. I separate mine out into categories with tabs (I’m assuming you are organized and did that!). Funnily, last year my “desserts” section was sooo cluttered that I had to organize it further into “cookies,” “brownies/bars,” “pies/tarts,” “holiday desserts,” etc…! I also 3-hole punch a few white pages on which to glue smaller cut out recipes.

    Btw have you ever ordered spices from Penzys? They send out a catalog quarterly, I think, with user-submitted recipes in them; I’ve had some luck with those, and they’re usually quite unique and “colloquial.” You might like them!

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    1. Thanks. ^_^ I was thinking about doing tabs but I actually think I might rather have separate binders because I love the artwork Maggie found for me that is just dinner (there are dessert ones as well). Yep, I’ll have to tape or paste small cutouts of recipes onto regular paper, too.
      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve never heard of Penzys!


  3. I’ve been keeping my recipes in binders for years. I need cute covers, though! Yours came out just lovely! I’ve been getting back to putting all the recipes I type & print into page protectors so when I take them in the kitchen and something spills on them I can just wipe them off.
    Elizabeth’s clothes are so cute! I used to LIVE at Children’s Place when the boys were little! I should have shopped elsewhere and saved that money. I could buy my own island today if I had!
    You guys are so lucky that you could go to the zoo! It’s been snowing and cold here. Ick.
    And YAY! No more mold! And a new stove!

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    1. Thanks, Maggie did a great job! I’m sure she could print some for you when we visit!!
      Hey, good idea to keep them protected. Of course, the spills and junk give the recipes personality, don’t they? lol
      Aww, thanks. I think she’ll look like a little doll in them. ^_^ Haha, is that what you’d buy with the saved money – an island? ;)
      The weather here has been absolutely crazy for winter. We have broken records, it’s been so warm. Not that I’m complaining, but the trees and bushes are beginning to be confused and some are starting to produce buds already!

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      1. Don’t hate me. I’m like this. Technically the trees and bushes get buds in the fall but we don’t notice until they open in the spring. Gawd. My family is right. I’m a total PITA.
        I used to just keep the recipes in a binder but then I’d have to print some over again because they’d get so stained. And printer ink is EXPENSIVE. Right now I’m printing in “What does that read?” grey.
        I’d LOVE a nice cover like Maggie made for you! Of course I have 4 different recipe binders….
        Elizabeth looks like a doll no matter what she’s wearing! But those outfits are just too cute!

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  4. Love the binder, the cover is lovely (props to Maggie!). I rarely follow recipes, usually just tasting and adjusting as I go along. Otherwise, I generally just use Pinterest (though I’d be due to reorganize my pins!) and bring my iPad along in the kitchen with me. Those tops are really cute! I love Carter’s, their clothing is super cute and around here is one of the most inexpensive children’s clothing store around. Oooh! A new oven! So exciting!

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    1. Thanks!
      I’ve been really enjoying Pinterest and printing recipes from the blogs I visit. Sticking them in the binder afterward is definitely going to eliminate the work of typing and printing. Hey, yeah. I’ve been known to have my laptop on the kitchen counter as I bake/cook. My phone, though, no – the screen goes dark too often! lol
      Thank you, I love the little shirts. :) And the new oven is in my kitchen as we speak! It’s beautiful!!


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