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six-weeks-diaperUsing cloth diapers in place of disposables is great at any point in your baby or toddler’s life, but using cloth before six months of age has significantly more benefits than starting after that point. With my third child, I switched at five months because it was my first experience with cloth and my husband thought it would be too much work for me to do in addition to everything else in those early months (what a sweetheart!). I agreed at the time because it was all new to me, but with our fourth I started at six weeks and it has been a really positive experience!

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Here are my observations and reasons for recommending starting cloth earlier rather than later. These are based on our experience of exclusively breastfeeding and being a stay at home mom. ^_^

Very young babies poop frequently, which equals a great many diaper changes. If you use cloth, you just wash more, but if you use disposables, you throw away more and spend more.

cloth-in-bedBreastmilk-only poop is water soluble and extremely easy to wash out of a cloth diaper. Not so once solids are introduced.

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A baby’s poop smells very different before starting solids; it’s not nearly as offensive to deal with. The early weeks and months are a great time to get used to the whole thing.

up-close-diapieDisposable diapers, for the most part, do not contain “blowouts” (wet poop going up and out of the diaper onto clothing) while cloth diapers almost always do. This prevents staining on clothes and also helps keep mom’s sanity! ;)

Any amount of money saved is a good thing, but the earlier the better, obviously.

cloth diapers hanging

Even if you only use cloth part time, it’s worth doing because these benefits will still be there for you. If you cloth full-time (I don’t, but good for you!!), you will reap even more benefits.

Can you add to this list? Are there other benefits you’ve found for starting cloth diapering earlier? Or do you have questions about using cloth? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. That first picture! I just wanted to pat that little rump! Paul and Pete are 18 months apart and I had them both in cloth diapers! Thank goodness for Mama because, when Paul was in the hospital so many times, she kept Pete in cloth!

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  2. I absolutely agree! I’ve always started the kiddos on cloth once the meconium stage was over. The only times I couldn’t keep up with the laundry was when I had two kids in diapers at the same time (Charles and Amélie are only 21 months apart and Amélie and Elliot 22 months). This is usually when I start potty training lol. I use flushable liners in my cloth diapers for once solids are introduced. They save me so much time and trouble!

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  3. Such cute little diapers! And squishy legs!! Are those fleecy diapers? I know you’ve said before (I’m sorry), but since I do disposables I didn’t process the info. i kind of wish I’d done cloth, early on at least, but the laundry seems so daunting…. There is too much laundry as it is now!!

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    1. Thanks and thanks, lol. ^_^
      The diapers are homemade, with flannel on one side and microfleece on the other (and waterproof PUL fabric inside). The laundry at my house is daunting no matter what! O_O Diapers add about two loads a week for us.


  4. We started Fenn on cloth nappies full time as soon as she could fit into them (3weeks as she was only 6lbs at birth). I love them and think that they are adorably cute! Breast milk poo hardly ever smells bad, and washes straight out. I just have to remember to do a load of washing every other day!

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    1. That’s great! Ha, I had to wait to use our cloth diapers because she was too big for the newborn size we had but not yet going to comfortably fit into the ones we’ve used from six weeks to now. ^_^
      Yeah, cloth diapering is, in many ways, easier than throw aways, especially when breastfeeding.


  5. I love the fluff butt! We started cloth diapering at 6 weeks too. It’s waaaay easier than I thought it would be. We’re more mixed now and tend to use disposable more now that my son is older, but if we’re home and not leaving the house, we cloth!

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  6. We’ve been cloth diapering for about three weeks (little just hit the 3 month mark) and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. We still use disposables for overnight, but we were able to go away for the weekend and continue to use cloth without any issues (just had to have extra room for the stash). The best advice I received when I was still pregnant and thinking about cloth diapering was just start with one a day – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

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