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Thoughts & Happenings 2/5/17

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Hey, so everyone around here is all excited because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and the Atlanta Falcons are in it this year! I’m not a sports fan and I have no idea who even plays for the Falcons, nor do I feel much state pride (because I’m not from this state) BUUUTTTT I think it’s really cool to see everyone getting excited about the same cause. With politics running amuck these days, and causing all kinds of division, it’s nice to see some unity here.

Look what our local WalMart did with a bunch of boxes of Coca-Cola! Just for reference, those bottles below it are 2 liters bottles – this display is big!!


SO! Here we are and we’re going to watch the Super Bowl. I haven’t watched a football game in probably a decade, so this should be weird, lol, but we’re having honey buffalo meatballs, potato salad, mac & cheese, tortilla chips and homemade salsa, so who cares?!

I ran some errands with the kids yesterday after taking Stephen to work. We dropped off the recycling, mailed the electric bill, and went to the library. We went to a new (to us) nursery and looked at fruit trees and possible things to grow this spring. I found a few shirts for Samuel at a thrift shop which are super cute manly, too. ^_^


And he (Samuel) is being such a sweet little learner these days. He wants to grow his own fruit trees after our nursery visit. And last night, he got some paper out and wrote a bunch of letters and copied several words just because he’s interested in learning to write and spell!

Exciting news: Elizabeth is learning to crawl! She’s been making her way around by rolling, scooting and who-knows-what-else (it seems magical at times, how she gets from one place to the next!) but now we’re seeing her get in the crawling position and she ALMOST has it! Aww, my baby is becoming mobile. :D

stoveWell, our new stove arrived bright and early on Wednesday morning! It’s a Whirlpool and it’s lovely. It works great but it’s not very user-friendly when it comes to cleaning the top. See the cast iron grating on top? It all has to be moved when even a small spill happens. I’m not complaining (ok, I am) but it’s a strange design. :P I’d never seen one like this until it showed up in my kitchen. Does yours have this? The delivery guy said this is a new way that a lot of brands are making them. ??

24 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 2/5/17”

  1. I LOVE football. Before having Charles, my husband and I used to be season ticket holders for the CFLs Montreal Alouettes. And when I followed the NFL more closely, I was a diehard Packers fan.

    It’s so awesome that Elizabeth is learning to crawl! Isn’t it great when they begin to become mobile. They’re always so happy to be going about on their own.

    Is that a gas stove?!? It is our absolute dream to have one here! We’re planning on adding an addition to the house and getting gas in our house so we can have one.

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    1. Ha! I know nothing about football. I mean, I can throw one and usually catch one, but I don’t know the rules of the actual game at all! It’s cool that you had that to enjoy with your husband. I’m glad that Stephen’s not into sports because I think it would be a battle since I’m not into them, lol. :P
      Yes, she’s so happy to be on the move! I’m kind of surprised that she’s doing it because she is the same size that Joshua was and he didn’t crawl until 11 months and then walked at 12. But his head was bigger, so… ^_^
      Yeah, it’s gas. This is my first gas stove, though I grew up seeing my mom use a gas stove. I actually prefer electric because it’s cheaper, but gas sure is quick to light!

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  2. The stove looks great but you have to take off the entire thing? It’s not two (or more) pieces? I LOVE gas. I had an electric stove at the farm and I really didn’t like it but there were no gas lines and it was too expensive to switch to propane.
    It’s great Samuel wants to learn to write and spell well. And yes, Mom, he’s MANLY not cute! lol
    Wow! Elizabeth is growing up (in a baby sort of way).

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    1. Haha, yeah this is probably the only chance I’ll have to watch a Super Bowl game with them in it. I just hope I can remember which team is which!! lol I’d be much happier if the Detroit Lions were playing because that’s my home team, but me thinks that isn’t likely. :P

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  3. I’m in New England, and cheering for the Patriots. 😀 My 2 year old loves football, and all other sports. I wonder if he’ll be an athlete, or just a superfan.
    I never cook with gas unless I’m camping. We had gas for the first 10 years of my life, but I didn’t really cook much at that age. I remember using a teapot and boiling water in a pot.
    My little one is sitting more, and holding onto his feet. He is moving a lot in his crib while on his belly for naps. I’ll go in to check on him, and he’ll be facing the opposite direction.

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    1. Aww, that’s cute that he loves sports! My thirteen year old loves playing most sports; his grandfather (my dad) was a quarterback, so it’s definitely possible that he’ll play for real later. :)
      I’m not a fan of gas, really, but that’s what we got when we moved here and I’m learning how to cook with it!
      Wow, he’s already sitting?! I love when they start passing all these milestones – it’s so exciting!

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  4. Oh, I just got a new stove last month and was so happy about it. It was my “I’m a grown up now, I’m happy about a new stove” moment. But mine is a ceramic/glass one, which is the best kind when it comes to cleaning!

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  5. My parents just got a big Italian stove last year with that design and it’s not too bad to clean up, but it is one extra step when cleaning! I love my simple glass top stove, haha.
    I would be more excited for the Super Bowl if my Packers were playing (sorry!) … but I’m watching!
    Wait, how old is Samuel?? Good for him!! :)

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    1. Glass stoves are pretty!!
      I’ve just turned off the game now that it’s in overtime…I have to go to bed and quarters take so long with all the timeouts and interruptions (and commercials!) but it was fun watching it. ^_^
      Samuel is five. He loves learning!


  6. I’m in the UK and not a big sports fan but I agree it’s good to have some unity. As for your lovely new stove (or cooker as I would call it) it looks similar to gas ones we have in the UK. You’re right, they’re not the easiest to clean. And make sure you let it cool down completely before you start taking it apart 🙈

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  7. Our gas stove has that grating on top, but in three pieces because it’s a five-burner stove. It took some getting used to, but I really love gas stoves now. They heat up way faster than electric and with more control of the flame. Also, once you turn the burner off, it’s off and you can leave the pan there and it won’t keep cooking.

    Wow, she’s crawling already! That’s impressive. She doesn’t want to be left out!

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