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Homemade Spa Hair Wrap


I first saw this idea back in the fall at a market day/craft fair. I was inspired to make my own so I looked for a video tutorial on YouTube and I found one (of course, because YouTube has everything!) It sounded like an easy project. But I needed a towel, and as a minimalist, we didn’t have any extras lying about that I could cut up. So finally, this past Saturday I bought one and last night I measured, cut, and pinned it. This morning, I did the sewing.

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The measurements are 26in by 11in, more or less. It’s sort of a raindrop design. First, a straight stitch is used to connect the two pieces together and then a zigzag stitch goes along the edge to keep the towel from fraying (a serger can also be used). Then, a button is hand-sewn on the rounded part of the raindrop and a little piece of elastic (or, in my case, a piece of stretchy ribbon) is sewn to the pointy end.

wrapYou stick your head in the rounded part, twist the towel a few times and loop the elastic around the button. Super easy! And now I can wear my hair up in a towel without straining my neck to balance a larger towel after my shower. ^_^ My hair is just off the shoulders and all of it fits nicely in the hair wrap.

hair-wrapWhat have you been sewing lately?

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