Breastfeeding and eBooks

I really thought I’d always be opposed to eBooks. Who wants to read a novel on a screen when you can hold a beautiful paperback in your hands? Well, it turns out that I do, at least for now.

Even though I am a minimalist, I’ve found there are many ways to enjoy real books without owning them and having them filling my space after finishing, so having a clutter-free, digital library has never been something I needed to pursue.

Paperbacks have always been my preferred way to read a book; they feel good, smell good, and just bring me joy for some reason. Not so with eBooks, but they are allowing me to get back into reading, so “feelings, smells and joy” aside, I now like them, haha. And here’s why…

In the last few months, baby Elizabeth has become much more active during feeding time. While I’m nursing her, she reaches and grabs, kicks her legs happily, and looks around when she hears something of interest. She has also grown a lot! No longer is she a little thing that fits in the crook of my arm; no, at seven months old her body now sprawls across me completely. All this to say that I have given up holding a book while breastfeeding. I’ve been sad about it but I really didn’t see a solution.

But then, last week a book was released that I really wanted to read, and it was only available on Kindle. I sat there for a few minutes trying to decide if I should purchase it. Would I really read a novel as an eBook? I decided that I would attempt it and if I found I couldn’t stand it, I’d just count it as a loss and move on.


Well, I actually love it! I am able to easily read and nurse at the same time because my Kindle Fire is so light and I can “turn the page” with a tiny little swipe. It doesn’t hurt matters that the book is wonderful (look for a review of it soon) and I am engrossed in the story. ^_^

I’m now looking at the Amazon Kindle store at other possible purchases for future reads. I will likely return to paperbacks once the nursing days are over but for now I’m happily swiping! ;)

Do you like eBooks? Or are you a paperback/hard cover reader? Also, what was the last novel you read that you recommend?

16 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and eBooks”

  1. I used to work in a bookstore. I had three very large bookcases filled to the brink with books. Like you, there’s just something about the smell, texture and weight of a book that I love. Then, I had kids ha! I eventually sold or gave to goodwill most of my collection of books to make room in my house. I’ve found e-books to be wonderful. Like you, I started reading them while breastfeeding (oh all of those hours spent nursing Charles in the middle of the night during his many growth spurts!), and I’ve just continued to do so over the years. The exciting part is that our library is beginning to loan digital copies of books (yay!), just not in Kindle format (oh well…).

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    1. How fun to have worked in a bookstore! I worked at a movie rental store years ago and I accumulated movies the way you did books, lol.
      Oh! You’ve reminded me to check with our library because I seem to remember being told about eBooks being checkout-able but at the time I want interested so I’m not sure if Kindles are included or not.


  2. I also thought I would hate ebooks but I couldn’t keep all my real paper books when I moved home, so I reluctantly started reading on the kindle and found it was “ok”…. Then I started reading on my phone too which meant that my books became even more portable. I do still like a proper book though :-D

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    1. Yes!! I’ve just in the past few days found that I can read my book on my phone as well because of the Kindle app. How absolutely wild to have everything literally in the palm of our hands!! I definitely prefer reading on my tablet over my tiny phone. ;)

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  3. Yep, I love paper books also! But I did read a few e-books on our Kindle when Baby nursed, up until about 6m old … then she got distracted by the screen being there (and she nursed too quickly to make it useful to read). My husband has a Nook also that I used for one book, but I like the Kindle screen better, I think. However, I get discombobulated when I read e-books because I have no reference, no feel, for where I am in the book. The first 1/3? The middle? 2/3 through?? I can’t get over that feeling … paper books for me!!!

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    1. Haha, I’m having to hold the tablet off behind her so she doesn’t see it! Hmm, maybe it’s a new feature but my Kindle (I got it in Nov) shows what percentage of the book you’ve read on the bottom of each page. I do know what you mean, though – I love seeing how much I’ve read and how much is left! ^_^


  4. I stopped nursing early enough that I didn’t have to worry about this. I absolutely love real books and holding them and feeling them and smelling them… but I digress. I also love my kindle. It is perfect for when we are traveling or when we move and I don’t have access to my books for a couple months. I can get library books on it and if you are an Amazon prime member, you can check out one free book a month from them. If you search for “kindle daily deals” it will show you books that are super cheap for a day or two. There’s also lots of free books!


  5. Reading on a screen is way better for nursing. My daughter would grab and rip my book from my hands. Oh, and she loves to eat paper so a book was an absolute no no when I breastfed. Lol. I love paperback to but I had to reserve reading them in the late night hours, while looking at my daughter to see if she would get up, as if i was cheaty or something. It’s actually funny now that I think about it. Great read!

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  6. I haven’t ventured into e-books yet but the idea of actually getting to read a book WHILE breastfeeding sounds so relaxing! (but also like a long shot with busy hands around) Not sure what it is with kids and screens but they seem to be instantly drawn to them!

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