Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 02/09/17

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Today is going to be one for the books – Maggie will be taking her road test this afternoon at the Georgia DDS (department of driver services) and hopefully getting her driver’s license! We went and practiced parallel parking last night, haha. Who ever thought of such an unpleasant way to park a vehicle?! She and I are so nervous, not about the parallel parking but about the whole test. She’s a great driver but it still makes us anxious that she’s going to be “tested.” Ugh, why can’t it be tomorrow already? :P

So, Elizabeth completely army crawled across the floor last night! It was super cute. ^_^ I feel bad for her little left elbow, though, as she leans completely onto it when crawling and now there is a rug burn. :( I guess I’ll have to put in her long-sleeved shirts 24/7 until she goes up onto her hands and knees.

Yesterday, she tried Gerber turkey and gravy for the first time and liked it. :) She had it with Beechnut pears, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. It was a tiny little Thanksgiving feast, lol. I’m pleased that she doesn’t seem to be very picky.

Well, that’s all I have time to post right now because in addition to going to the DDS this afternoon, I also have to go grocery shopping this morning! Busy, busy day!

Just a reminder, this is the last day to enter the reusable Swiffer pad giveaway. Click here to enter if you haven’t already! I’ll choose winners tomorrow morning. ^_^

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      1. I agree. A few decades ago when I had to do my test, they said we’d have to do it. It caused me so much anxiety, and then when the test came, they didn’t even make me. I was relieved but now, when I go somewhere and have to parallel park, my goodness, wreaks havoc on my nerves. Have to stop and say a prayer lol

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        1. I took my test twenty years ago and I know I didn’t have to parallel park to get my license but they threatened it! What’s up with that?! I mean, I learned how through driver’s ed but it wasn’t something I had to do on the day of the test. :P Haha, prayer is right!! I generally just find another spot! I’d rather walk.

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