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Blog Post Inspiration and *Giveaway* Results

Unless you are writing your blog as a journal for yourself, your children, or other family members, you probably write with an “audience” in mind. There are topics that you may gravitate toward regularly, and others that may surprise you when they pop into your head! But for those times when you just can’t think of anything to write about, consider the following ideas:

  1. Choose to write on a topic that you would enjoy READING about on someone else’s blog! What’s something you routinely find you like reading? I love reading about organization, childbirth, saving money, and many other things. It’s no wonder I’ve also written about these things from time to time! What “topics” are you following on your WordPress reader? That should give you a pretty good indication of the types of things that would be perfect for you to WRITE about! Give it your own spin; share how YOU feel about it, or what YOU’VE learned over the years about it, or even what you may be struggling with.
  2. Write about something you are good at (or at least enjoy doing!) Do you love cooking? Share your experiences in the kitchen, whether you give your readers some amazing recipes with beautiful photos, or you just highlight your blunders while entertaining them! If you are passionate about something, people will be drawn to your writings about it.
  3. Make Lists! People love lists. I don’t know what it is, but they always seem to hold the reader’s attention. And you can choose any topic you want – Things that you’ve resisted buying lately, cutest things your baby did this month, favorite celebrity quotes…the LIST is literally endless here.
  4. Research something and share your findings. Don’t know much about a topic you’re interested in? Go research it! Not only will YOU learn more about it, you’ll now also have the perfect starting point for a blog post (or even multiple posts!)
  5. Share something you are knowledgeable about that others could benefit from. Once you’ve experienced something, you have the ability to share, teach, enlighten, etc. I’ve had four babies; this has given me much to say about the differences in their pregnancies and births.
  6. Go in deeper on a topic you’ve previously touched on. You don’t have to write only one post on something. You can make it a series or you can go back and write from a different angle, with a long time between posts.
  7. Start a challenge, party, blog hop, etc. This is the most interactive type of post because you are asking your audience to actually DO something. Are you setting a goal for yourself for the month? Invite others to join you! Would you like to have a bunch of similar posts as one collective post? Ask others to contribute! Make an event! ^_^

And no matter which type of post you choose to write, be sure to TAG IT EFFECTIVELY so that your potential audience will SEE it!!

Happy posting!

And now for the results of the EcoGreenPads *Giveaway*

I’m excited to announce that the two winners are Trying to Wait, Waiting to Try and The Comfortable Coop! Congratulations, ladies! I will be in contact with you soon via email to get your mailing info.

If you didn’t win and you use a Swiffer WetJet, I would encourage you to still look into getting a reusable pad because they are inexpensive (under $10 each), and they save so much $$ and waste! Marlene ships worldwide and has specials for US and Canadian customers.

Have a great weekend!

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