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Thoughts & Happenings 02/12/17

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Elizabeth seems to be dropping her late afternoon/early evening catnap, and going down to having just a morning nap and an afternoon nap after twelve hours at night. I’ve been attempting to use this to my advantage and get her on a schedule. I wake her somewhere between 8 and 8:30 in the morning and try to get her in bed at night between 8 and 9pm. The naps are still happening at times based on her needs for the day, though. Any thoughts on going down to two naps?

I used to only sew occasionally but now I sit down with a project on most days, even if I can only do a few minutes on it. I love sewing so it’s great but my sewing machine is a stand-alone, with no table, and I don’t have a sewing room so I’ve been keeping it on my dining room table or on the floor (when not in use) and I finally decided I needed a permanent home for it. I looked at a few thrift shops but had no luck so I got creative and switched some pieces of furniture around in the house and settled on using a two-shelf rolling table for my machine. It’s the perfect height and it’s small enough to stay in the dining room. ^_^

sewing-tablebottom-shelfdining-roomWhere do you sew?

Does your sewing machine have its own space or is it transient?

18 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 02/12/17”

  1. I have no sewing talent at all. I have two sisters who can sew really well, but not me. I admire people who can sew. :) I answered your questions on the Liebster award. Thanks so much for the nomination. Your questions were great.

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  2. What a great idea for your sewing machine! I’m lucky enough to have a grandfather (my husband’s) who is a cabinet maker. He and my husband made me a custom sewing desk and it is amazing! Not that I sew a lot with a 3 month old around, but someday I’ll be able to put it to more use once again.

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  3. I love woodworking and make most of our furniture. My sewing machine lives in a multi purpose cabinet I made where it hides away when not in use. Its in our living room, in a spot that I can sew and not be in the way.

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  4. What a great sewing space! Love the way you have both storage and a place to sew. I have a sewing area in the guest room and I use the little desk I used when I was in high school. It’s small but good enough for most things. If I need more room to finish a quilt or something, I’ll move my machine to the kitchen table.

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    1. Thanks ^_^ I was thinking about getting one of those little desks if I found one at a thrift shop/yard sale, but so far haven’t had any luck. Someday, I definitely want to learn to quilt! Have you taken classes, or did someone teach you?


  5. I have a lovely antique seeing table that came with my grandma’s sewing machine. Unfortunately, it in storage right now as I haven’t been able to find an appropriate place to set it up.

    As far as naps go, Elliot has pretty much dropped his evening catnap. The only time he takes one is if he had a really bad afternoon nap.

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  6. Great nook! Keep your eyes open for another table if you find that one doesn’t worrk for you – it might appear one day! My machine comes downstairs to the dining table when I have a project, which is a pain – but I don’t sew more than once every few months.

    Baby is possibly going down to 1 nap, but slowly and painfully. It’s either that or she is just mixed up from a virus recovery. The nap transitions are the WORST! Going from 3 to 2 is easier, but I think an earlier bedtime helps the transition because they get so darn tired by then! Our kids are asleep by 745!


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