Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 2/14/17

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It’s that time of year again, when gardeners are daydreaming and planning of the coming year’s crops. I definitely do not consider myself a gardener as I’ve only ever grown some very easy flowers in the ground and a handful of vegetables in pots! Regardless, I am daydreaming and planning along with them. ^_^

seedsI bought some seeds on a whim at the store a few weeks ago; it made me happy to think of consistently warm temperatures, green trees and flowers returning. So I bought seed, haha. I will probably only plant some of them. I think the flowers could easily be something I do with Samuel, which would be cute. The cucumbers are high on my priorities list and I’ve already researched how to grow them in containers. The tomatoes…ehhh, I’m not sure I’m keen on starting them from seeds; I had luck growing them from little plants in the past, so I like the idea of doing them again that way but I also know it would cost a lot less starting from seeds (I picked up the tomato seeds without much intention of actually using them, lol). I just need the right motivation, I guess! I also have some pallets that we got for free from Stephen’s work and I’m looking forward to trying some things that I’ve seen on Pinterest! Realistically, though, Elizabeth is entering a fussy stage and I am not sure how much time I’m going to be able to devote to gardening – it may be that I have do the easier options this year. Of course, she may do absolutely fine, after all, gardening is done outside and she is happiest there! ^_^

So, I’m really excited about a new discovery I made! A little back story first…The cloth diapers I sewed while pregnant are made with PUL and now I’m not the biggest fan of it. Yes, in theory it is waterproof, but…if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can puncture the material and BOOM, no longer waterproof because the fluid leaks through the holes. -_- I did this, ugh. It’s also expensive ($13/yard here) so you can’t just waste it while learning. Well, microfleece (also expensive but frequently 50% off) is called water “resistant” but I swear, it might as well be waterproof because fluid does NOT go through! I know this because I used microfleece as one of the layers of our cloth diapers and we get compression leaks BAD because of it; fluid rolls along it until it can find somewhere to go (sorry, gross, I know).

It recently occurred to me that I should try sewing a diaper with microfleece as the waterproof barrier because of it’s ability to stop fluid. And so, this morning I finally got around to doing one! And guess what…NO LEAKS!


up-close-diaperI used a cute flannel on the front, white flannel on the back and microfleece on the inside. I use two inserts in her diapers at this point (seven months old) and it’s perfect. YAY!!!



Happy Valentines Day!

17 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 2/14/17”

  1. We’ve had a lot of success with tomatoes here in the past despite starting them from seedlings. Cucumbers, we’ve had more trouble with, but have never started them indoors. Urgh, we are soooooo very far away from even thinking of gardening right now as we’ve received a foot of snow two days ago. Oh well…

    It’s good to know about the microfleece versus the PUL. I might have to get around and try to sew a few myself. Which tutorial(s) did you use to learn to make your diapers?

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Sophie -xox-

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    1. Here I am talking about gardening and you’re getting heavy snow, oops! Well, spring will come eventually. ^_^
      I’ll have to look for the link to the pattern; I printed it over a year ago and I don’t know for sure where from. :P


  2. I know what you mean about the gardening bug-I went outside, between snow falls, yesterday. The sun was actually shining here and, although it was still cold, I started the first clearing of dead stuff. I only lasted an hour before the cold got me and you can’t tell where I did anything because the garden is in need of so much tending, but it’s a start. Next month I will be out there snow, wind and rain be damned! I am so ready for winter to be over-happy sowing and sewing!

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    1. It’s so strange to hear that others are actually having a proper winter because we haven’t this year! We’ve hit record highs and have basically had one week of cold (I worry about our environment a little!) Anyway, that’s great! You’ll be out there again soon – I hope you blog about it with photos!! ^_^ Haha, sewing and sowing, I love it!

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  3. I love this post. I was born on a farm (my dad grew fruit mainly) so I love growing things. Walking in to a greenhouse full of tomatoes oh I just love that smell! But my biggest growing success was foxgloves. They were amazing. I had many plants and they grew so tall. 🌸
    I admire you for making nappies. That’s very clever!

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    1. Oh my word, I LOVE the smell of tomatoes!! My great-grandmother grew them so the scent makes me think of her. ^_^
      Foxgloves? Uh-oh, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what that is! Where’d you grow them? :)


  4. Ha, we got a Burpee catalog in the mail today, and I was so taken aback .. because we have a several inches of ice-covered snow here! It’s been a rough week. I say give the seeds a go and see if you have time to garden this year – if so, great, and if not, no big loss. I think gardening is SO hard with a baby. We didn’t do much last year (Baby was 6m during summer), but I’d like to do tomatoes and cucumbers and squash this year. Have to fight off the groundhogs, though!

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    1. I got my Burpee catalog in the mail about three weeks ago – I guess they know which parts to send to first considering our weather, lol!
      That’s a good point, if I try seeds and they don’t do as well as I’d like at least I’m only out a little bit of money because I can use everything else next year. I think I’ll do that. I bought another pot yesterday, which makes for two large pots, two medium, and one small. And then the pallets which I’m not entirely sure if I’ll try this year. Lots to think about!


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