The Four of Us

My daughter’s view from the top. A post about her and her younger siblings. She is wonderful big sister. ❤

Dreaming of Guatemala

Recently, someone thought that Joshua and I were twins.

A few years ago, someone thought that I was his mother.

I’m sure that multiple people have thought that Elizabeth is my daughter.

This is the life of the eldest child in a group of four siblings that are very different ages.


The comments, remarks and assumptions can be quite awkward sometimes – but I wouldn’t change these age differences for the world.

Without these three hooligans beautiful siblings in my life, I would be a completely different person; much more quiet, much lonelier, much more selfish … I’m pretty thankful for them.

True, we have our differences, and oftentimes, the range of maturity levels clash. But we’re all learning to accept each other the way we are, to understand where each person is in their walk in life, and that has brought us so much closer.

Would you like…

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4 thoughts on “The Four of Us”

  1. I agree with Cheila, Maggie is the sweetest thing ever. She has blessed my heart, so a big, huge thank you, to you, for having her :) :) I’ve just started reading your blog, and I am enjoying it, a lot. Everything is so well put together, and thought out. God Bless you :)

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