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Smugglers and Scones ~ A Book Review

smugglers-and-sconesby Morgan C. Talbot

Before reading Smugglers and Scones, it had been years since I’d read a mystery, but when I caught the review for this cozy mystery on a friend’s blog, I knew I had to pick it up. Of course, I actually just picked up my Kindle and ordered it on Amazon because it was only available as an eBook at the time of pre-release.

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I enjoyed Ms. Talbot’s characters, story, and town so much! The overall feel of the book was wonderful and I definitely recommend it! Her writing style is perfect for me and her characters relatable and fun to get to know. I did not guess the murderer or the ending, which is always a good thing. ^_^

There were moments that had me on edge but most of the book was simply enjoyable to read and I loved my time in Seacrest. I can’t wait for book two to be released!


Pippa ~ very likeable, she is sweet and relatable…she is the hostess at Moorehaven Bed & Breakfast and finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.

Lake ~ very likeable, he is handsome and charismatic…he is a person of interest in the string of murders and possibly Pippa’s new romance.

Hilton ~ likeable, he is overprotective and caring…he is Pippa’s great-uncle and runs the B&B with her.

Jordan ~ very likeable, she is spunky and excitable…she is Pippa’s best friend who ends up in a dangerous situation.

Paul, Al, and Skylar ~ very likeable, they are energetic, helpful and creative…they are authors staying at the B&B during the murder investigation.


The small town of Seacrest gets disrupted when a shipwreck late one night brings theft, murder and the myth of an ancient treasure to its residents. It’s up to the hostess and guests of Moorehaven Bed and Breakfast to find out who the killer is before the list of victims gets longer.

do I recommend it? yes!

…if you like cozy mysteries

…if you like seaside villages or resort towns

…if you don’t mind moments of anxiousness and (a little bit of) fear

…if mysteries and/or writing mystery are of interest to you

…if the history of Prohibition and speakeasies are of interest to you

Check this book out:



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7 thoughts on “Smugglers and Scones ~ A Book Review”

    1. I’m a historical fiction fan myself, but I’ve read a handful of cozy mysteries over the years, too, and have really enjoyed them! Who’s your favorite mystery author?


        1. Yes! I’ve read Doyle, too! So good.
          I’ve enjoyed books by Carol Higgins Clark. Her cozy stories don’t scare the crud out of me the way regular mysteries would, lol.


          1. I read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark when I was younger. Those were wonderful as well. I went to the library over the weekend and decided to just grab a few books at random. Turns out that three-quarters of the books I grabbed were mysteries. Oops!


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