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Thoughts & Happenings 2/24/17

living lighter thoughtsStephen and I spent yesterday reminiscing a bit, though apart (he had to work), because it was our 19th anniversary! I can’t believe next year will make twenty. Goodness, two decades! Aww, I love him so much. ♥

flowersI had a dream last night that he and I went to the doctor and found out that I was pregnant with our fifth baby. In the dream, he was so happy and I was, too (though really surprised). You know, I’d love for it to be true. It would be challenging on me physically but it would be lovely not to bother with secondary infertility for our last little one.

So, texture seems to bother little Elizabeth tremendously, lol. She loves pears, blueberries, sweet potatoes, avocado and more. She puts up with turkey but it has to be served with a fruit. :P And they all have to be puréed. When I’ve tried mashing or grinding but there are still tiny lumps, she looks absolutely horrified and gags. I wonder when she’ll handle more than just purées. I remember my other children all being capable of more at this point…at least I think they were. Mommy brain. haha

I had a few people comment about the chili fries on this week’s menu plan so I thought I’d share the (very quick and easy!) recipe here. ^_^

chili-friesBake any kind of fries you like in the oven according to package directions. Meanwhile, brown 1lb of ground beef or turkey and drain off fat. Mix the ingredients listed below in a small bowl and stir in with meat. Heat to boiling, stirring occasionally. Lower heat and simmer until ready to serve. Spoon over the fries and top with shredded cheese.

12oz bottle chili sauce

1 dry chili seasoning packet

½ cup water

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 Tbsp prepared mustard

½ tsp onion powder

This chili also makes amazing quesadillas. Just spoon into a buttered flour tortilla, top with cheese and cook on medium heat in a fry pan until golden brown.

Happy Friday!

27 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 2/24/17”

  1. Happy Anniversary! We will hit 19 years this year too, but not until August. 😀
    I’ve given the baby rice cereal a few times so far. I made it really thin, but he responded well and is very curious when we eat around him. We purchased a baby bullet for the last baby, and it seems I’ll be using it again soon. We almost never used jarred foods unless we were out and about without blending in advance. My kiddos eat everything as babies, but get so picky and hardly eat anything once we stop blending the meals.😕

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    1. Thank you! Wow, 19 for both of us this year, how coincidental! ^_^
      Does the baby bullet completely puree or is it adjustable?
      My 13 and 16 year olds are no longer picky, thank goodness but the five year old makes up for them by eating hardly any variety! lol

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      1. The baby bullet came with a couple of blades. One was for milling grains for cereal, but we only tried that once. You make the food differently depending on how much liquid you add, and length of time blended. You can definitely leave it chunkier as they get older.😉 I think you could get the same results with a cheap chopper or blender though. The cups for portioning weren’t used very long by us, since they are so small and appetites grow so quickly. The system was easy to use, and clean. It has a large bowl to blend several meals at once, and a small cup for single servings. The base and cup were perfect to bring on vacations, even camping since we always request water/electric sites.

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  2. I’m so sorry I missed your anniversary! You and Stephen will have many more decades of happiness, I just know it! I agree with rosebudquilts. Elizabeth will likely get over her texture issues before long. It must be strange feeling new things in your mouth after a totally liquid diet when you’re newborn!

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  3. Happy anniversary! 19 years is awesome. Here’s to many, many more! For us, it’s the opposite. Since we’ve never given Elliot purees, we usually have to mix them (like when I make some thick soups) with other food for him to even consider eating them. Thank you for the chili fries recipe. Will definitely be trying it out!

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  4. Happy Anniversary – wow! To many more….

    Ah, kids eating. So irritating/frustrating. She’ll grow out of purees eventually, I’m sure. I always use an immersion blender because … that’s all I have! I love it for making soups and smoothies, too. It’s not as perfect as a blender, but it gets everything but spinach smooth. (Just leaves little flecks.) My husband has texture issues but I think it’s because his mom never pushed him to try different foods more than once. Keep trying on her!! Good luck… And if you have any tips for getting a baby off a bottle and onto a cup, pass em on, lol. These kids and their issues…

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    1. Thank you! Haha, that’s true, I can’t say that *I* love all textures either! ;)
      Aww, thank you. I’m looking forward to finding out we’re expecting again. XO I appreciate your prayers.

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  5. I am quite constantly day dreaming about having a surprise baby! Number 1 hubby is happy to stay at two, number two then I would know for sure that it is definitely in Gods plan for us and number 3 I just really want another one hahaha even through everyday I try to tame that longing ☺️

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    1. Thank you. ^_^ I was seventeen when we met and months later (this anniversary we celebrate) is when we told each other our feelings. We weren’t married until 18 months later, but we celebrate this day because the whole “marriage” thing isn’t what brought us together, that was just making our life together official. So, yeah, I’ll be 37 in June. ;)

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