Eight Month Update

Elizabeth is eight months old today. ^_^ This is an overview of her current interests, behaviors and abilities. Here’s what she’s been up to lately:

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  • She can easily pull herself up into sitting position from lying down. She can maneuver herself all around depending on what she’s trying to reach or where she’s trying to go.
  • She army crawls very efficiently and can get anywhere she pleases quite quickly. She only uses her left arm, though. Hmm, not sure if that’s okay or not. Her right arm reaches, but the left elbow and shoulder do all the work.
  • She grabs my hair, breasts, and anything else she can while nursing. She is extremely active, to put it mildly.
  • She smiles joyfully at the children when watching Babies at Play and in real life, especially at the library.
  • She likes riding in the van.
  • She picks up Puffs (quick-dissolving, fruit flavored rice puffs) with her right hand/fingers. She can easily pinch and bring them individually to her mouth.
  • She loves when Maggie sings The Chicks Say in Spanish, and when any of us sing The Wheels on the Bus or The Alphabet Song in English.
  • Her hair is quite comical, insisting on standing straight up!
  • She doesn’t need to be held in the evening anymore; instead, she is happy watching Baby Einstein or Blues Clues in our bedroom while playing on the floor with toys.
  • She gets up between 8 and 8:30 in the morning and goes to bed twelve hours later.
  • Her naps happen approximately 3½-4 hours after waking. She takes one morning nap and one afternoon nap; their times vary but typically last an hour or so.
  • She is still taking her pacifier, but only for a few minutes at nap and bedtime after nursing. She doesn’t need it in the middle of the night.
  • She is still drooling a lot. Teeth count: 2
  • She likes sitting in the stroller, going outside with her siblings and watching them play.
  • She is breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day and wakes every 1-3 hours at night.
  • She loves Beechnut “Just” baby foods (no added ingredients). Her favorites are sweet potatoes, a mix of blueberries & pears, and a mix of pineapple, pear & avocado. Apples give her a diaper rash. She tolerates turkey but doesn’t like it alone.
  • She fits into 18m/2T size clothes for the most part, though pant cuffs have to be rolled once or twice depending on the brand.
  • She still really enjoys sitting in the high chair at the table with us. She screams loudly between bites of food. :P We’re not sure if it’s her temper showing or just vocalizing, haha.
  • She unhooks the Velcro on the left side of her diaper every time I change her, lol. I say different things to her about it each time like, “you better be a good girl” and “ohhhh, don’t do that!” all while smiling, so she thinks it’s a fantastic game. ^_^
  • She absolutely loves the bath! She sits up on her own, with my hands very nearby, and splashes and plays with toys. She shares the bath with Samuel and he loves it just as much as she does!
  • She weighed 22lbs 9oz a few days ago.


Happy eight months, sweetheart!

If you’d like to read how she came into the world, you can read that (crazy, exciting, a-little-bit-scary!) story HERE.

20 thoughts on “Eight Month Update

    1. LOL, her hair cracks us all up! The only time it lies (lays?) flat is during and directly after her bath – then POOF, it’s back to standing up!
      Yeah, perhaps she will be ambidextrous like her older brother and sister. My first and second use their hands/sides equally. My third seems to be a total righty. How about your kids?
      Aww, happy 13 months!!


        1. Not sure if it’s genetic or not but I’m right handed and left footed, lol. I played soccer and couldn’t do a thing with my right foot. :P
          Lol, it’s funny how relatives root for handedness!


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