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Thoughts & Happenings 03/02/17

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Our little Elizabeth has moved on from army crawling to a modified regular crawl! She lifts her bottom into the air between movements, lol. It is so cute, oh my word. ^_^ I can’t believe how much she’s changing every day!

So, one week ago, Samuel and I started some seeds in a tiny greenhouse I bought after finding out as much as I could about seeds and container gardening. The greenhouse is by Jiffy and was purchased at WalMart for about $6; that seems kind of high but we’ll be using it for years to come by just buying more peat discs, which are inexpensive. Thank you, Katherine, for encouraging me to try seeds because it has been a really fun project to do with him! He is so excited to check on our plants every day!! We’re growing cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. They have all sprouted and are each already two to three inches tall. :)

saturated peat discs, two seeds planted in each to guarantee germination
under Stephen’s work light, seven days after planting

And with the money I saved on buying seeds instead of young tomato and cucumber plants, we picked up three strawberry plants! I’ve never done strawberries before, and I’m a bit intimidated to be honest, but we’re going to give them a try. The guys at the nursery said they’re easy. I chose two pink flowering plants and one white flowering; we’ll see if there’s a difference between the berries.

strawberry-plantAnd speaking of berries, I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday morning! I’ve never made any kind of pancakes before (all the work just didn’t appeal to me) so I was really happy when they turned out perfectly tasty. I got the recipe from a fellow WP blogger. :) The only thing I changed was the half & half; I didn’t have any so I used milk in its place.

pancakeWhat’s your favorite fruit or vegetable to grow?

What about your favorite kind of pancake to make?

34 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/02/17”

  1. I love pancakes, any pancake. Normally, I only eat them when we go out for breakfast or when we’re on vacation.
    My husband grows very good tomatoes! I make salsa every year with the tomatoes he grows. :)

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  2. I love gardening, it’s so rewarding. You plant the little seed and you watch it grow and soon you have a little vegetable, made by your work. You know we plant everything and a lot of everything lol
    This year we are even doing potatoes. It will be fun.

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  3. I grew strawberries a few years ago and they were really easy. But I killed the plants because I have a black thumb. I am going to try a garden again this year, though! We love pancakes and eat them all the time, especially for dinner, though they are usually the bisquick kind (and the Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix). Pancakes also freeze really well!

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    1. What will you plant this year? I’m thinking we’d need a dozen or so strawberry plants to really make it worth it for the fruit harvesting but it’ll be fun to see our very own berries growing. ;)
      I didn’t know pancakes are freezable, thanks for telling me! I’ll have to make a bigger batch next time and put some away in the freezer.


      1. I think I’ll plant underground veggies, like onions and carrots, and some arugula and spinach. Those are what I’ve had luck with in the past. I am thinking about some flowers, too, but we have some travel planned for this summer so I don’t know if it’s practical.
        Our favorite pancakes have mashed up banana and mini chocolate chips in them. :) Just make sure the pancakes are cool before freezing. Maybe flash freeze on a cookie sheet or they’ll stick together.

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        1. You know, I don’t even have any idea how onions grow! I’m going to have to look that up! I’d love to grow my own carrots and lettuce (and potatoes and peppers!) I want a nice size garden one day, for sure. :)


  4. Hi Valerie– Fun to find your blog. We have 4 kids too– but they are all grown and have kids of their own. So I make pancakes weekends they are home to visit– or sometimes on Sunday night for dinner for just Larry and me. Love your sprouts!! and the little greenhouse– what a great project to do together. We’ve done tomatoes and berries in the past, but I just retired from teaching this year, so I think I’d like to do a proper garden–small, but with a few different things. What would you suggest?? Love your every day posts!! thanks.

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    1. Hi!
      I am not a big breakfast person so I’ve never had pancakes for dinner, lol! Hmm, perhaps with this new recipe I’ll be motivated to give it a try. :)
      Oh, goodness there are so many options when it comes to gardening. I prefer to grow my favorites, ones that we buy all the time because then we get to enjoy tastier versions of them through the season!


  5. mmmmm pancakes, and those looked yummy. I usually just do plain but hubby will put everything on his that we have around, bananas seem to be the favorite. Gardens are the best!! I grew up on a farm so we grew everything we ate and it is much better tasting than the stuff you get at the store. There is nothing better than fresh veggies you grow. We have a small one, I say small because the one growing up was 8 acres lol…but it did feed 3 families. Ours is just for us. Of course the neighbors and friends seem to get blessed with veggies too :). We didn’t this year, logistical reasons, but we usually do corn, potatoes, bell peppers, peas(snow and sweet), butter beans, cucumbers, watermelons, kale, canteloupe, Lettuce but it tends to be a toss up on the lettuce, growing wise. I made a whole little book on what, when to plant, how far apart, deep to plant etc. lol…I even draw out a map of the garden and how many rows, and what will be on them…My grandfather would probably laugh at that one. My best suggestion is the moon cycles. Above gound plants need to be done on the light of the moon(from new moon to full moon) and below ground or root plants, like potatoes, onion, carrot, etc during the dark of the moon (from the day after the full moon to the day before its new again) this really helped. God Bless you!!

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      1. It’s easy to do, and nothing fancy. All hand written and hand drawn. I get a farmers almanac each year that will tell you when the moon cycles are, I write them down in the book too. Write down when I planted every thing…lol…I was looking at it and it made me laugh. I’m sure everyone doesn’t need one but it helped me. God Bless you :)

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  6. We use a basic pancake recipe that I believe is from Betty Crocker. Another neat thing you can do is freeze them! We make them small enough to fit in the toaster, and you can just put them straight in the toaster from the freezer, and then eat them as normal! Our boys LOVE pancakes for breakfast, so anytime we make them, we make TONS of extra for the freezer, and then they have them for days!

    You can do the same with waffles. :)

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  7. Great – I’m so glad you did the seedlings from seed! Well done, and a fun project for you two to do together. :) I hope they are very bountiful for you. We are going to start seedlings here soon as well (Saturday night should get down to 7F, so not ready yet….ugh). Good luck with the strawberries. We have several plants on the west side of our property, and they are very prolific and spread well – but the birds get EVERY berry, every year. Well, birds or chipmunks, more likely. Guard your fruit!!!!!

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    1. Oh, I hadn’t thought about birds wanting our berries, I’ll look into preventing that! Thank you, it’s been fun and I know we’ll enjoy harvesting whatever ends up growing! :D


  8. Here comes the joy-killer again. Sorry. Are you growing your strawberries in pots or in the ground? Because if you’re doing them in the ground you definitely don’t want more than a couple of plants. They put out runners and propagate themselves and if you plant too many they’ll take over your garden. Also, you should pinch off the blooms the first year. You won’t get berries but the plants will produce much more the next year. I’m like the voice of berry doom.

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    1. Oh, no, I appreciate it! The only way to learn things like that are to a) fail and do it differently next time or b) be told by someone who knows! So thank you. :) I’m growing them in a long, rectangular container. So…I should pinch off the flowers completely as they bloom?

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      1. You can just let them fruit but if you want a really abundant harvest starting next year you should pinch them off completely. And you can get new plants when they put out runners. I’ll find the link to the post about it.

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