Thoughts & Happenings 03/08/17

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First, a few things about baby Elizabeth…she is officially crawling normally now! With that independence has come a DEpendence on me being nearby. This milestone has brought with it the dreaded (and really sweet, actually) separation anxiety. She wants me in her sights, or holding her, or nursing her – almost all the time. She still plays by herself when she is well-rested and just fed, but otherwise she’s not happy to be apart from me. She is also getting her two top, front teeth. :) So that is, I’m sure, causing a need to cuddle and be nursed more. When she is sleeping peacefully (like she is right now), we all rejoice, lol.

A silly thing to post about probably, but my purse needed to be organized so badly this morning, and I know I like seeing in others’ bags, so I thought I’d share the before and afters.

The things that bothered me the most were the low-stock first aid kit, coupons out of their envelope, random coins and trash, and my very dingy lanyard keychain. Well, I’m washing the keychain, I put the coins and coupons where they go, I filled the first aid kit, and I threw away the trash. :) How’s the state of your purse/bag?

Okay, I have a plant problem. The seedlings that we started two weeks ago have mold in the peat soil. :( I’m not sure how well the photos show it, but they are basically covered in fuzz. I looked it up online and got mixed responses; some people say it’s no big deal while others say to throw them out.

I followed the instructions exactly, including the temperature they were to remain at. The soil is still damp from two weeks ago, which is likely the reason for the mold but that’s simply because they haven’t been outside in the sunlight until today. What do I do?! And how cute is that little leaf? lol

25 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/08/17

  1. Possibly some good ventilation, like a sunny breeze will cure the mold. Don’t despair and throw them out yet. Try taking out every other cube so there is a space between them for a few days to improve air circulation, too. Just keep an eye on them so they don’t dry out so much that the seedlings begin to wilt.

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  2. I agree with getting them some light. If a few days out in the sun doesn’t help, my suggestion would be to put on some rubber, throw away or washable gloves. Gently loosen the dirt from around the roots until the dirt all falls off. Then replant them into new dirt, or their forever home(well for this season anyway lol)

    And precious little Elizabeth is too adorable :)

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    1. Thanks :D
      You know, my first two didn’t have SA either! Interesting! But Samuel’s started at 7months and Elizabeth’s at 8months. Maybe it’s the younger one’s way of making sure they get mommy time. ??

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      1. Quite possible! It’s interesting you bring that up, just ge other day Initiced that Elliot spends more time alone on the floor while I do other stuff around the house than my first two did. I tend to let him explore more whereas Amélie and Charles were almost always with me while I was taking care of something.


  3. Jack is still commando crawling but I don’t think we’re far off. He’s decided to start standing at the same time. I am waiting for the separation anxiety and feeling nervous because I am going back to work full time on Monday. Eep!

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    1. I’m only rejoiced that she’s full on crawling now because she was giving herself a rug burn on her little elbow! Wow, standing already?! Watch out, he may cruise before crawl!!
      I hope work goes well. :)


  4. We seem to be FINALLY coming out of separation anxiety. Hang in there! I feel like the quest to keep my purse clean is never-ending. I have found that little zipper pouches helps to contain the necessary clutter.

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    1. Ooh, that’s a good idea. I don’t have any pouches in my purse – I should look into that!
      Glad you are seeing the end of separation anxiety! It can be challenging!


  5. Yay for officially crawling! Such a sweet baby! Awww. Those pudgy cheeks and hands. Treasure this time;I miss those days :) I really love how you showed how you emptied your purse and cleaned it out. Before and after photos are great. Inspires and reminds me to do the same…though I’m not as brave. Last time I found moldy raisins and goldfish all over my cards and gum. And lots of cracker crumbs and kids toys that I didn’t know I even had in my purse :0 Seriously took me over an hour to clean out my purse last time…I’m a bit scared to see what’s waiting for me this time.


  6. Ugh, your seedlings! That’s happened to us before; as long as the plants seem okay, it should be fine. Although the suggestions of sunlight and air should help (did they?).
    Omg, my purse… First off it’s like a small piece of luggage. Second, there is always detritus in there – I feel like I just get it to a decent state (throw away old receipts and expired coupons and stale snacks) and not as clean as yours!

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