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Eating (and Drinking) for Two ~ Intro

I’m going to keep a food and exercise diary for (at least) the next four weeks, starting today. I’m excited because I think the accountability will be really helpful for me.

So, about the title…

No, I’m not pregnant. But I am breastfeeding, and in my experience that feels much more like actually eating (and drinking) for two than pregnancy does. I ate normally during my most recent pregnancy and had a healthy 8lbs10oz baby girl after gaining 21lbs in exactly forty weeks (she was born on her due date).

After she was born, I lost the weight quickly plus several more pounds in the following few weeks. My current weight is 131 lbs. I am not dissatisfied with that number, but I am interested in making healthier food choices AND making exercising a priority again. I want to be more deliberate about these things…during and after breastfeeding. To put it simply, I want to feel my best.

For the next four Sundays, I’ll be sharing my daily food & drink from the week, as well as making a note of any fitness minutes I got in. I will evaluate how I’m feeling and what challenges I may have encountered, as well as goals I have for the coming week.

I will be taking some photos of my food but I’m not wanting to become obsessed with my eating, or focused on getting the perfect shot, so expect just a handful of pics. :)

* * *

Feel free to join me!


23 thoughts on “Eating (and Drinking) for Two ~ Intro”

  1. Good luck! Those are good goals – health, not weight loss. I think that’s the best way to go about it! PS I hope your 4-week journey inspires me, because I am in literally the exact same boat, right now to the same numbers. Freaky!

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  2. This is a great idea. I know my food choices are less than ideal while breastfeeding, and for health purposes period. 😉 Lately I just grab what I can between nursing sessions and chores. My choices for the kids aren’t great either. Time is my biggest enemy. I pulled out my crock pot recipe book just last night to try to get some healthier and easy meal ideas, but my family is just too picky. My 11 year old said if I was going to use the crock pot, whatever I made would be saturated in some nasty sauce. I need to find a way to please everyone but save time and my sanity.

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    1. Time is absolutely the hardest part for me, too! I’ve been brainstorming ideas of easy snacks that are healthy and more balanced (I tend to grab a single food instead of preparing a few things).
      Sorry, I know, everyone has such different tastes and when you’re fixing food for multiple people (especially of varying ages) it can be rough!! I’ve been reading more about picky eaters lately and trying to decide if I want to implement some different dinner time rules or not…Our five year old eats very few foods. :/

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      1. I usually have to make 2-3 separate dinners, which tends to mean convenience foods for the picky ones.😞 I don’t want to force the kids to eat things they hate, and it’s practically impossible to force the 2 year old to eat anyway. He’ll eat what he wants when he wants. I just have to keep offering choices until he says yes or he won’t eat at all. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s getting enough food to have the energy he does.😉

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        1. Oh, I definitely get it! Both my boys have been super picky. Joshua thankfully snapped out of it when he was about six (when he decided he wanted to start trying – and liking – everything…weird!!) but Samuel, at five and a half, is still on like ten foods total, many of which are convenience foods. :/

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  3. Good luck and great idea! I found especially the first months I was starving all the time because of breastfeeding! I really need to establish a normal eating routine, because I’m pretty sure I don’t actually eat enough, or when I should.

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    1. Thanks, and same here! I doubt I’m getting enough. Or, more likely… I don’t think I’m eating the right foods because I rarely feel satisfied even though I’m munching all the time! I’m focusing on balancing my proteins, carbs and fats better. And drinking more water!

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    1. :) I couldn’t believe all the weight was gone without any effort because it almost ALL stayed put with my third child even though I tried to lose it! lol
      Yeah, protein is really important. :)

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  4. You really are eating for two when you breastfeed. My oldest son had projectile vomiting when he was newborn and, after several tests, we realized he was allergic to milk and I was eating and drinking a lot of milk-based things because i thought it would be good for him!
    I’m still trying to lose the last of the baby weight. The baby is going on 33 now so I expect to be back down any decade now!

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  5. You’re right, now that I’m breastfeeding it feel like I’m eating for two. I need to eat and drink a lot more than in pregnancy. I haven’t dropped all 60lbs I gained from pregnancy, but it looks like it should be pretty easy while breastfeeding.

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    1. It’s crazy the amount of hunger (and thirst!) breastfeeding causes, isn’t it?! Those early weeks seem especially challenging. Best of luck losing the baby weight, breastfeeding helps!

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