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Thoughts & Happenings 03/14/17

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I basically killed our seedlings. Or, at least the cucumbers. After posting last week about the fuzzy mold I’d found on their peat (soil), I put them outside in the sunshine. Well, it was windy and they got stressed, and then it rained and HAILED that night! Had I brought them inside? No, because I didn’t know about the possibility of rain (bad plant mommy!) so they were not happy after that.

I tried lifting their spirits by airing them out (they were even wetter than before, obviously) but it has gotten a lot cooler in the last several days so that only mildly helped.

They dried out mostly, and then I brought them back inside. The lows tomorrow and Thursday morning will be in the twenties. :P So, here’s how they’re looking currently:

I think the tomato plants might have a chance, but the cucumbers appear to be a lost cause. *sniff* There is only ONE that could survive…with a prayer.

The good news is, the mold is gone. lol

And our strawberry plants are thriving. :)

* * *

So, this week is my school planning week again. My focus right now is definitely Samuel. He just had his half birthday on the eighth and is officially 5½. He loves learning (!) and I believe he’s ready for more structured activities that will help him along in reading and writing since he’s showing interest in both. I’m looking at lesson plans (and creating my own) that will be fun and ongoing, like this story quilt from DLTK.

Homeschooling three, and having a baby (who is now a mobile eight month old), has been a huge challenge. Planning academics for three weeks at a time is definitely helping, as is meal planning, but there are other things that I’m working on as well. Housework is a big one. I keep a clean, organized home, but it nearly kills me (or, my time, anyway) so I’ve been brainstorming ways to help myself not spend SOOO much time on the home. I won’t go into it all right now, but a few examples are: choosing certain tasks to be done ONLY on the weekend, like dusting and washing bedding, and tidying up the main living area with the big kids before lunch and dinner every day (a good motivator if they’re hungry, right?)

So, yeah, I’m brainstorming school and home stuff….and mourning the loss of my cukes.

32 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 03/14/17”

  1. We’re due to get over a foot of snow today, so it’ll be quite a while before we’re ready to even think about starting seeds.😞 We have issues with insects eating our plants, especially squash plants. Tomatoes usually survive though. Too bad my husband doesn’t enjoy my homemade sauce.😉
    We have remodeling projects to do, so we have supplies stacked in my kitchen and in general we just have too much stuff in a small house. I need to start purging, to get my house in order. The 2 year old has too many small toys, and he spreads them around the house every day. It’s exhausting to pick up after him.😛 My house is kept sanitary, but I’d never call it tidy. Lol!

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    1. Yikes! Well, play in the snow for us, would ya? We never get to see it! :/
      Yeah, I am a major declutterer, and have been since about 2013. Now, we are, i guess you’d say, cozy minimalists. We don’t live on bare essentials but we live really simply. That being said, my husband is a packrat and things would be VERY different if I worked outside the home and he was the homemaker!! lol Elizabeth is really the only mess maker these days, but we all create dirty laundry and dishes!

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      1. No playing in the snow for me, I hate being cold. It’s practically blizzard conditions right now. We lost power at 7pm. Luckily we heat with wood, so we should stay fairly warm. It’s so windy right now. I don’t expect the power to be back on any time soon.😞


  2. awwww they still look so cute :) Don’t give up on them just yet. Keep them for another week or 2, they might surprise you. I’ve had seedlings that I just knew I had killed. I’d toss them to the side, so I could get them out of the dirt and recycle the soil. Go back and the little things would be thriving again. It’s like when I’d transfer them to the garden ground, they always look like they are going to die for about a week. Then they pep back up. So, maybe they will surprise you. :)

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  3. You keep a clean, organized house??? Oh my word! Our sectional sofa looks like a blanket bomb went off on it. Our bed isn’t made and most of the time our dining room table looks like a landfill! :) Our dishes are always done and our kitchen is clean and the bathroom is clean also. So, that’s good.
    Your strawberry plants look lovely!

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    1. Haha, to each their own, right? Clutter makes me crazy, I need everything neat and tidy before I can be creative and have a good time. ;)
      Thanks! I’m starting to see tiny berries. ^_^

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  4. Oh dear Valerie, I’m sorry about your plants. I’m glad the strawberries are thriving!! When it comes to your housework, one mama can’t do it all. Maybe you could do a chart and put husband and kids to work a little? (I hope Maggie doesn’t read this or she will kill me).

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    1. Yeah, my poor cukes!! But I think I’m going to try again…either with seeds our perhaps I’ll buy seedlings already ready to be planted. I really want cucumbers this year!
      The kids and Stephen actually help a lot, thankfully. But I’m learning to manage and delegate better. :)

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      1. It’s good that you have some help. But we all know that most of the work is usually on mom’s plate. I’m not a mother, yet I’m already mom. Always worried about the house, meals, if everyone is happy…


  5. I love the idea of a story quilt. Paper “quilts” are also good for geometry and pattern practice. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a quilter… I’ve used it in the classroom, too. :) “At least the mold is gone” Way to look at the bright side! LOL

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    1. By the way, I am trying to actually clean once a week, and just tidy the rest of the time. I’ve done it three weeks now, and I have shaved an hour off my cleaning time. Doing a thorough clean once a week also helps control the clutter.

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  6. I don’t know how you manage to homeschool, take care of a baby, and keep the house clean! :) My youngest is past the baby stage, and I don’t homeschool, but my house looks like a tornado swept through it. Well, I guess it’s because the kids keep messing it up so I give up on cleaning except once everyday maybe right after their bedtime. Kudos to you for keeping up with everything and your seedlings too. :)

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    1. Haha, well I think my seedlings would disagree with you as I doubt they’ve felt like I’ve kept up with them!! ;)
      I have two big kids (13 and 16) who help, so I’m not doing it alone. :) Homeschooling was harder before I began having scheduled planning breaks but now it’s back to being enjoyable.

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      1. Still, regardless of how old kids are, you are amazing to handle all of this! Wow! Oh I meant to say last time, seedlings even under the best of care, can sometimes grow mold or not even sprout at all! (I’ve been guilty of that and I gave them a LOT of attention). So kudos to you and scheduling is something I need to learn how to do well…I’ve heard that scheduling sometimes makes the difference…having designated times for everything. Keep up the good work! :)

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  7. Too bad about your seedlings… :/ If it makes you feel better, you will get MANY cucumbers from your one plant. They are almost as nutso as zucchini!
    You are doing great if you can teach 3 different ages and manage to have even a somewhat clean house. :)

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  8. I’m sorry! If it makes you feel any better, we cannot plant in the ground at our rental, so I had my husband spend like $50 in planters plus seedlings for peppers, cukes, tomatoes and some herbs and in just a few hours my dog dug them ALL up. I salvaged what I could, and she did it again. And again. And now I have ugly empty planters sitting empty near my laundry room, lol.

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  9. My house looks like someone turned it upside down and shook it. I’m so impressed that you can homeschool, take care of Elizabeth, cook, read, blog, and still clean. Lately I haven’t done anything. No. That’s not true. Yesterday I rolled over in bed!
    Help! You were suddenly not in my list of followed blogs and now I see I’ve lost Maggie! I tried putting in her url but I must have it wrong. I need a link! Losing you two would be like losing a limb!


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