Dripping Leaf ~ Cocoa Butter Skin Cream

My favorite scent in the whole world (that’s not food or linked to a memory) can be found in a cocoa butter cream that I bought on Etsy last month. It smells exactly like a Pottery Barn candle that I had years ago. It is AMAZING.

And it was a total surprise! I had no idea it was going to have that scent when I visited the shop, Dripping Leaf, a few weeks ago. In fact, I sort of accidentally created the scent myself! I sent the shop owner, Cynthia, a message to see if it would be possible to omit the lavender essential oil from the cream since I’m sensitive to it. She responded that it would be no problem to leave it out so I ordered it and when it arrived I was so happy, I couldn’t believe the scent! It sort of has a chocolate, cocoa butter, sliiiigghht mint smell. Oh goodness, it is so good.

It is made with coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E oil, spearmint, and rose absolute essential oils.

I’ve used it on my hands, fingernails and cuticles, while practicing an easy and pleasant hand massage that I found on YouTube a long time ago. After using it on my hands, I am able to wash with our castile soap and the oily feel goes away but the hydration and scent stays.

I’ve also applied it to Stephen’s feet and nails, as well as my own heels, to combat dryness. He loves it and credits it with a fantastic nap he took after I gave him a foot treatment last weekend, lol. Believe me, he has requested future treatments. :) Just last night he asked again, which is so unlike him (because he knows how busy I am) but I was happy to apply it to his feet because the smell makes me so happy. This morning I purchased two more tins!

Oh, did I mention that her shop is brand new? I had the honor of being her very first sale! (That’s never happened before!) I bought the cocoa butter cream as well as a natural furniture polish, which is also wonderful. It’s made with olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and lemon essential oil. I gently apply it on my dining room table with a piece of microfleece and it works wonders!

Definitely check out Dripping Leaf for natural products that smell incredible and work great. ^_^

P.S. I don’t use affiliate links and this is not a sponsored post. I just want to share this shop and her products with you because I love them!

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